5 Youtube monetization terms with Adsense

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YouTube AdSense monetization, terms and conditions of registering the latest AdSense YouTube, if we want to earn money from the Internet one of them is to follow Google AdSense. YouTube creators or YouTubers can also earn money from Google AdSense by linking their channel to Adsense.

Because more and more YouTube users and creators of YouTube, the algorithm and the rules are from scratch that only takes 11 thousand views and now it takes 4000 hours and 1000 subscribers.


Youtube Adsense Monetization

The regulation is effective since, January 16, 2018 increasingly strict rules made YouTube is not without reason, this because due to the abundance of content reuploads and not quality that resulted in advertisers on Youtube protest and threaten to leave.

5 Youtube terms to be installed in Adsense 

Verified, YouTube channel must be installed on the mobile phone number, the channel that has been verified features on the automatic channel can be functioned such as video upload with long duration, card, Endcard. The first requirement is very easy to stay verification via a Chanelpun mobile number verified.

4000 Watch hours, these second terms may be pretty heavy for those who are just starting out to be YouTube creators or novice YouTubers. To be able to link YouTube with AdSense it takes 4000 hours during the last 12 months.

To achieve the 4000 hour requirement we can maximize Youtube Channel with regular video upload, interesting title, short description and use tag according to video.

Beginner YouTubers usually use ads to boost views and Subsriber, can with YouTube ads or facebook Ads

1000 subscribers, this may also seem difficult and incriminated 1000 subscribers, never giving up still focus with the content you create like what Mr. Ndul Wagu TV Does that content is the most mainstream.

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Equal to 4000 hours we can advertise in Google ads or in Facebook ads, this way you will be able to meet 1000 subscribers and 4000 showtimes. In addition, you can share your videos to the Medsos, joining Facebook groups that talk about YouTube.

Do not comment Spam, do not comment on other people’s videos by asking subscribers or in other gross words. May result in our channel, can be in suspend.

Keep creating creative content, daily periodical, weekly or monthly uploads including video upload hours should also be considered when it’s time to upload a video on YouTube.

On Creator YouTube’s page, creators can join the YouTube Partner Program (YPP), YouTube Creator will gain more access to YouTube resources and features.

What we get, access to the Youtube creator support team, access to the Copyright Match Tool, access to monetization features with AdSense YouTube. With the condition of joining the YouTube program that we have discussed above.

How to enable and link your channel with Youtube Adsense

How to apply for the YouTube Partner Program, we can submit a submission to join the YouTube Partner programme, provided we must meet some requirements.

1, our Channel must follow Youtube’s policies and guidelines. We have discussed above.

2, we need to have an AdSense account, we can create also from the link that YouTube provides for monetization of monetisation.

3, it has a minimum of 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of public watch time, this is the absolute shekel.

4, sign up for YPP. We can sign up to YPP at any time, but the channel that really qualifies YouTube to be on the aprove.

Follow these instructions:

Sign in to YouTube.

In the top right, select our account icon > Creator Studio.

In the left menu, select Channel > Status and features.

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In the “Monetization” section, click Enable.

Follow the onscreen instructions.

5, channel review. Channels that meet the subscriber limits and watch hours of the YouTube Partner Program (YPP) are automatically entered into the review queue.

Automated systems as well as YouTube human reviewers, will see the content of our channel whether or not the content follows YouTube guidelines.

You can check the submission status at, https://www.youtube.com/account_monetization.

Note: Never complain of violations if we want to become YouTube creators, keep making content positive and useful, upload routine still istiqomah. Learn from our mistakes and others.

You can also earn income other than AdSense YouTube with other your monetization program please read how to earn from YouTube other than AdSense

To be a YouTuber who can produce is certainly not easy we have to diligently upload videos on YouTube. How to be a Youtuber and earn money 

General terms enable monetization features

YouTube monetization