Youtube SEO: 3 ways to find the best keywords Youtube videos

13 years ago A man named Jawed Karim posted a video on YouTube the first time.

YouTube currently has over 4 million videos. At 2019, 80% of global internet consumption will be dominated by video content. That means we can’t ignore YouTube as a Video traffic source and web business.

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If we are just starting a YouTube channel, or already Masta YouTube will deal with the keyword or keyword, if we want to get high rankings in Youtube Search Engine.

What is youTube SEO?

Youtube SEO, important for our videos on YouTube because it affects the number of views and subscribers on our channel. With this Youtube SEO technique the video will be easier to find on YouTube and can even be a video trend on Youtube.

1. YouTube predictions
Enter the required queries in the search box, and you’ll get a list of predictions from the most popular queries among YouTube users.

YouTube SEO
If you want to get a query that ends with the keywords you need, add the previous lower dashboard and spacing.

First, you’ll see the most popular videos on YouTube and get lots of ideas for your content plan in the future. To maintain experimental integrity, search for predictions using Incognito mode or special services such as Global SEO for Google Search plug-in for Google Chrome.

2. Google Trends
This popular tool allows tracking the popularity of search queries on YouTube. How do I do it? Enter your keyword, click “Web Search”, select “YouTube search” and voila! You will receive valuable information about increasing or decreasing the popularity of search queries.

Google trend for what?
By tracking the popularity of demand in a particular region, you can see peaks and downturns. This way, you’ll define seasonal keywords. This is your chance to get ready for an active promotion first or save your budget when it’s not the time. Also, you can compare two search queries and determine the most relevant (popular).

3. TubeBuddy or Vidiq browser Plugin

TubeBuddy is a browser plugin that helps us know how our competitors promote their videos and what keywords they use. Start from installing this plugin (available on the TubeBuddy website). To access our personal page, sign up for our Google + account. Once we’ve added the channel, we can go to the “competitors” section, then press “Manage” and “add competitors”. Then add a link to our competitors. Can read my previous article 2 free Youtube tools mainstay the Youtubers

After that, our competitor’s channel will be displayed in the “Competitors” section. Click to sign in to this channel directly on YouTube. Press the Channelytics button to view analytics.

In addition, we can know the number of subscribers, impressions, competitor videos, and view channel tags. But that’s not all – we can compare our own channels and competitors with various parameters.

Channelytics for what?
By monitoring our competitor’s channels, we can know the hacking of their YouTube promotions, analyze their primary keywords and improve our strategy.

So, we’ve gathered the keywords for our video. What’s next? Enter our keywords at the beginning of the headline and include in the description among the first 25 words. The video title should not exceed 100 characters, and descriptions-5000 characters. Keep in mind that users will only see the first two lines of the description in the search, so include the most important thing at the beginning. Also, don’t forget about the tags-select up to 10 tags for each video and make sure to include at least one keyword there.

We are almost ready for YouTube promotion. Just a few general tips for optimizing our channel, allow comments on our videos so that users can ask questions or share their opinions-this is a positive ranking factor for search engines, check out our video rankings.

Create playlists by grouping your videos

For example, how to prepare, how to choose Materials, lifehacks, etc. This way we can keep users on the channel and simplify navigation.

Add links to videos, playlists, and other channels at the end of the video using the end screen or in the video description. This will increase viewership and subscribers.

YouTube video Promotion is not just about choosing keywords and adding them to the description; This about our constant work. Our content should be mature, attractive, and “ordinary”.

Try to post videos regularly, reply to all comments and reveal new topics. And be sure to share a new video on social networks and remind users to subscribe to our channel.

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