5 Youtube Monetization Terms with Adsense

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Youtube Monetization with adsense, the provisions and the provisions of registering the most recent adsense youtube, if we want to get income from the internet including by following google adsense. For some creators of YouTube or YouTube you can get money from Google Adsense by linking the channel to Adsense.

Because the increasing number of youtube users and youtube creators, algorithms and the provisions are also shaped from the first, which only needs 11 thousand views and currently requires 4000 hours and 1000 subscribers.

The provision is valid since, January 16, 2018, the more stringent provisions made by YouTube are not without facts, this is because the amount of content is reuploaded and is not quality which causes advertisers on YouTube to protest and terrorize it to come out.

Youtube monetization

5 Terms of Youtube Monetization with Adsense

Verified, the youtube channel must be verified with a mobile number, the channel that has verified features on the channel can be enabled such as uploading videos with long time, card, endcard. The first provision is so easy to verify through the cellphone number the channel has been verified.

4000 Watch Hours, this second provision which may be quite heavy for those who are just starting to become youtube or beginner youtuber creators. To be able to link youtube with adsense it takes 4000 hours to appear during the last 12 months.

For up to 4000 hours, we can Optimize Youtube Channels by uploading regular videos, interesting titles, short descriptions and using tags according to the video.

For beginner Youtuber generally use ads to lift the view and subscribers, can be with youtube ads or facebook ads

Youtube monetization adsense

YouTube monetization provisions

1000 Subscriber, this might feel difficult and burdensome to 1000 subscribers, do not give up still concentrating on the content that we make as what Ndul Wagu TV does if the content is the most important.

Same with 4000 hours we can advertise on google ads or on facebook ads, with the following steps we can fulfill 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of performance. Apart from that we can also share our videos to SOSMed, enter with Facebook groups that review YouTube.

Don’t Comment Spam, don’t comment on people’s videos by asking subscribers or maybe with some other dirty words. Can cause on our channel, it might be suspended.

Continue to make creative content, upload daily, weekly or monthly period, including hours of uploading videos, and also when it’s time to upload videos on YouTube.

On the YouTube Creator site, creators can enter with the YouTube Partner Program (YPP), youtube initiators will gain more access to YouTube’s resources and features.

What we find, Access to the Team Support Youtube Initiator, Access to Copyright Match Tool, Access to the monetization feature with adsense youtube. With the provisions to follow the YouTube policy program that we have reviewed above.

 adsense Youtube monetization

Step Activate and Link the channel with Youtube Adsense

Steps for Submitting the YouTube Partner Program, we can send a request to enter the YouTube Partner Program, with the provision that we must fulfill a number of conditions.

1, Our channel must follow the wisdom and basic Youtube. What we have reviewed above.

2, We have to have an adsense account, we can create from the link that is provided by youtube when submitting monetization.

3, Having a minimum of 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of public viewing time, this is absolute.

4, Register with YPP. we can register with YPP at any time, but the channel that really fulfills the YouTube provisions will be upgraded.

Follow the guide:

Log in to YouTube.

At the top right, select our account symbol> Creator Studio.

On the left side menu, select Channel> Status and features.

In the “Monetization” section, click Activate.

Follow the guide on the monitor.


5, Inspection of the canal. Channels that fulfill subscriber boundary conditions and watch the YouTube Partner Program (YPP), the automatic channel will be included in the inspection queue.

The automatic scheme and human reviewers of youtube, will see our channel content whether the content follows basic YouTube or not.

We can check the status of submitting at, https://www.youtube.com/account_monetization.

Note: Do not let violations happen if we want to be the initiator of YouTube, continue to make positive and useful content, upload regularly still istiqomah. Learn from our mistakes and people.

We can also get income not only from adsense youtube with other monetization programs, please read the steps to get revenue from YouTube, not just adsense