How to Appeal the Latest and Complete Adsense Disable Accounts

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How to Appeal Disable Adsense Account: Being an adsense publisher is really something: D from the trip to create a blog, youtube or admob channel. We will go through many stages which at this time might be considered tortuous, because of Google’s policy which is always updated.

Registering a blog to adsense that used to be directly available in aprove and direct advertisement now has to wait to be reviewed. Youtube also applies the same thing as the requirement to register for Youtuber’s partner program is so difficult, read: 5 YouTube Monetization Requirements with Adsense.

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3 Happiness Become an adsense publisher

It all ended happily when we were promoted to be an adsense publisher with either a blog or youtube.

Temporary happiness because there are many more processes that must be passed. Waiting for the Google Adsense PIN, the adsense PIN will be sent if our revenue has reached $ 10 or worth $ 10. The PIN will be sent by post to the address that we previously installed when we applied for an AdSense account.

The second happiness is when we get a PIN from Google adsense. Oops, don’t be happy before the process still hasn’t stopped.

The third happiness is when we get our income to reach the payment threshold of the first $ 100 or Rp 1.3 million. Happiness will be complete if our income has entered our bank account, which is usually between the 20th and 25th of the month. read: Steps for Registering a Google Adsense Account.

Disaster For adsense publishers

All of that happiness was going to be a very painful disaster when the adsense kit account suddenly got a love letter from Google, related to the suspension of the alias alias AdSense account.

The cause of a disabled AdSense account can vary, invalid clicks, spam accounts, illegal content etc, it all depends on Google.

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There is still hope for the adsense account that Dis Monetize by Google, even though the opportunity is very small to be renewed again.

How to Appeal the Latest Disable Adsense Account

Here is a reply from google related to why our adsense account is disabled. Adsense accounts that are deactivated can still be appealed by filling out the Adsense appeal form, all forms are at the bottom of this article according to the type of violation.

Please appeal your adsense account by seeing the type of violation via email sent by Google. I’ve written also the guide to fill out the appeal form can be read, How to Appeal Banned Adsense Account

You have contacted us via the Invalid activity appeal form available to AdSense or AdMob publishers whose accounts have been disabled due to invalid traffic . However, we cannot take further action for one or more of the reasons below.

Consider the following:

  1. When filling out the Invalid activity appeal form , you might provide an email address that isn’t associated with an disabled AdSense or AdMob account. If you entered an incorrect email address, resubmit the Invalid activity appeal form with the correct email address.
  2. If your YouTube account was disabled by YouTube due to copyright infringement or community guidelines, visit the YouTube Account Termination article to get additional information and an appropriate appeal form.
  3. If your account has been suspended, note that there is no appeal form for the suspended account. Read the suspended AdSense account article or the suspendedAdMob account for additional information.
  4. If your AdSense application has been rejected, see the rejection email we sent or review the common reasons for rejecting the application for additional information.
  5. If your account is active, and you have received notifications about invalid clicks or ad impressions, visit the Help Center to learn more about preventing invalid activity.
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About policy violations:

  1. If your account was disabled for policy reasons, review the AdSense account article disabled for policy reasons and submit an appeal via the Policy violation appeal form .
  2. If your site was disabled for policy reasons, review the article Ad serving is disabled to your website and submit an appeal via the Policy violation appeal form .
  3. If your application was disabled for policy reasons, review the AdMob policy violationarticle and submit an appeal via the AdMob policy Appeals for application form. If you have multiple applications where ad serving has been disabled, fill out one form for one application.
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If none of the above violations are appropriate, and you believe you have sent an appeal form with the correct email address and your account has been disabled due to invalid traffic ( not for policy reasons ), please let us know your publisher ID (e.g. ca -pub-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) so we can investigate further.

Partners who work with us through one of our API programs (Blogger, YouTube, etc.) must send their own publisher ID and not the API partner publisher ID. (The above content is submissions from Google Adsense)

note: I hope that the AdSense account appeals are accepted, and correct all errors, don’t repeat them violating the Google Adsense high five, God willing our account will be safe and get high results.