10 ideas for Creating Viral Videos

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10 ideas for Creating Viral Videos, you can make viral videos yourself. The idea of ​​the video can arise from simple things that happen in your daily life. Do not believe? Here are 10 ideas for making viral videos that you can try now also summarized from various sources

1. Interview / Vlog News

You can make a video with the concept of an interview with the guest speaker. This type of video is able to attract many viewers because of the topics discussed are interesting and the figure of a well-known resource person. Not only the audience gets new knowledge and information, you and the resource person also get new knowledge.

2. How to or tutorial.

This video is in the form of shows that provide knowledge where it is able to solve a problem. This video on how to make something or some kind of tutorial is much sought after because it is able to facilitate the audience. One example is making a cake making video tutorial. You can find other ideas according to your interests, you know!

3. Prank Video.

This prank-themed video or someone’s nosy action is often watched by many people because it is entertaining. You can do the same thing by doing a trap action or prank to your friends. For example, do a prank text to your friends or secretly record the ignorant actions secretly. Unexpected natural reactions actually become an attraction.

4. Short documentary Video.

Do you like to raise an issue that is real in the community? The concept of this video is perfect for you. Make a documentary video. In addition to working, you can also show the public about the reality that is happening. Make sure the story you choose is quite interesting, so many people will watch your video.

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5. Challenge Video.

Besides prank, you can also exclaim through challenge or challenge missions. You can record exciting actions while carrying out challenges. This challenge makes the audience curious! Have you succeeded in completing a challenge or just failed? One of the challenges that had been viral was like the mannequin challenge, baby shark challenge and others. You can snack with your friends so that they will be more festive.

6. Karaoke / cover song.

You who are happy to play music, can make your videos while singing and playing musical instruments. Simple steps that you can easily do are karaoke or cover songs. You can choose songs that are hits and booms to attract more people to watch your videos.

7. Event.

Vlogging is one of the easy ways to start making videos. You can record the events that occur in your life everyday. From daily activities to special moments like birthdays or weddings it can be your video material. You can share the happiness that you experience through video. The record you made can be a precious memory for the future as well.

8. Q & A video.

If you don’t have an idea to make a viral video. You can make question and answer videos or commonly known Q & A videos. Through the video, you can invite the audience to get involved with you. The involvement of the audience can be seen from the questions given by the audience to the video maker. You can also reply to the audience’s questions via video. The audience’s curiosity will be answered through the Q & A video.

9. Play the game.

It’s not just a vlog about everyday life that is interesting to watch. Not a few are interested in watching someone playing a game. The activity is an exciting spectacle when people in the video are playing games that are challenging and need a strategy. People will feel happy and entertained with your activities playing games. While playing the game, you can also share tips and strategies to complete the mission or game to succeed. Isn’t that cool? You become more understanding to get away from difficult level games because of gaming vlogs.

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10. House / Room tour.

If usually the audience only sees one side of the part through the camera. The audience will feel curious about the other side. Through this video house tour or room tour, viewers can see around you more broadly. The video concept of the room tour is one that you should try to attract the audience.