9 Secrets of Youtube Video Channel Optimization SEO

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SEO Youtube Video Optimization, YouTube has made a big impact on ranking Search Engine Optimization. Getting a higher ranking for your web or blog with the help of YouTube videos is a great strategy, as is audio-visual influence that is far more powerful and clearer than just one visual.

The undeniable fact of Youtube, About 800 million YouTube visitors each month make this platform the second largest search engine after Google. Corporate and marketing have been taken over by this online marketing media, there is no doubt that YouTube has left the conventional business. We will further discuss the big impact and benefits that YouTube can have a big impact on your business in different ways using videos, even on your blog.


The fact that using YouTube algorithms is not as advanced as Google that systematically organizes material on the World Wide Web, but YouTube does offer a refreshing element to increase your business growth and improve your web ranking. Advertising through YouTube is a great way to reduce your marketing advertising spending, compared to TV ads. Many companies have linked their websites with YouTube and other Social Media. The ads look richer and more tasteful in videos.

How to Increase YouTube Video Ratings?

YouTube videos, you can’t just rely on keywords or keywords, for SEO Video optimization and YouTube channels. There are several parts that YouTube considers, although there is no hierarchy that requires it. Here are some parts that you can focus on when optimizing your Youtube video.

#Views and frequency
#Like and dislikes
#Annotation linking

In determining YouTube video rankings do not depend on certain parts, you can freely determine unique titles as long as you stick to the rules and keywords or keywords. Here are some categories, you can focus on getting started.

# 1 First, before you upload your video and optimize the video, ensure that the video files and titles in each word are separated by hyphens. The first BIT of optimization starts here.

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# 2 Keywords As always, the use of keywords helps identify the words that are suitable for the video you are looking for. Keywords must be included in the video title and description.
Tags and categories – During the process of uploading videos on YouTube, you are given the option to upload under certain categories related to the videos you uploaded. Tagging helps identify videos from various categories. For example, if you type “Funny Videos”, you can tag with words such as ‘Laugh’ or ‘not laugh’. To help search for keywords in full, read the 5 Free Keyword Youtube Tools, to Add a Viewer

# 3 Video Title, the title must contain around 50 characters, the title must also include the relevant target keywords to link the content. This will give you more strength that the video title will appear in the search results. With interesting titles, your video needs to be descriptive so that it can easily be found among millions of other similar videos. By making it interesting, a detailed description of your video can become the center of attention of the viewer and increase the clicks that are most needed. Optimize your videos by updating titles and adding more keywords (for videos that have been uploaded).

# 4 Video Description – You can write your video description freely as a description must be written at least 160 characters so the video can appear in the google and youtube search engines. Start by adding a link to the website before detailed description of your video. With descriptions that are large, informative, add short text at the beginning, including relevant keywords in the text.

# 5 Video annotation, is an interesting function that YouTube gives to add interactive comments to videos; You can easily add speech bubbles, notes, titles, spotlights, or just pause the video. This is very useful for users and viewers. Video annotations can be linked to other videos, related videos, your playlist, and channels. How to add annotations to your YouTube video and provide some useful insights and tips on how to use the best annotations. Annotations can be in the form of a long story going on to the next page. Add other channel links or videos, teaser features, promo codes and semi-transparent ads that appear at the bottom of the page, this will make the audience linger on the Bus Channel