UPDATE: 10 Ways to Make Money from YouTube

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UPDATE: 10 Ways to Make Money from YouTube: There are many articles that promise us if some of the ways they provide are the most precise steps to make money from YouTube. However, we need to be alert because in general some of the tips offered are only a series of clichéd motivational words, they can only change the pace of our thinking or review some of the things that surface.

Don’t give up hope! We will give an immediate explanation on target if we really want to make money from YouTube!

For those of us who just casually read this article, are we not interested in making some money from our YouTube channel? Ever heard the name of the fantastic young boy Awkarin? Don’t run away from this page.

We do not review Awkarin’s personal life. We mentioned the name because maybe we know Awkarin who was once talked about because he sold his love story on YouTube, cried “bombay” during the broadcast, and the number of viewers on the video (which we might think was not important) now has reached a phenomenal number!

Make Money from YouTube
Make Money from YouTube

Follow the Steps to Earn Money from YouTube

An internationally successful YouTuber, have you ever heard of the name Casey Neistat ?

This 36-year-old man is a popular YouTuber who doesn’t sell sensations from his personal life drama. To be more precise, Neistat created a sensation that was completely different from the domestic YouTuber that we originally said.

In February 2010, Casey Neistat created an unverified private stream on YouTube. The first video is a critical brake cable problem in the train car. He then launched a short film of 6 minutes duration that was linked to the internet site Chatroulette. Then, he launched a video commenting on the New York City Police Department because there were problems with the cyclist ticket problem in New York City.

In March 2015, Neistat began posting videos regularly on a daily basis. The vlog entitled “The Vice President, Outer Space & the Baby” was released in May 2015. Then, in the following year, in January 2016, Neistat along with his colleagues shot a video on an empty street in New York City. The video titled ‘Snowboarding with the NYPD’ broadcasts Neistat being pulled on a rope in the streets.

The 2-minute 41-second video became truly viral and caused Neistat to gain a lot of publicity. Furthermore, in September 2016, Neistat published a vlog about his experience in the Emirates first class bench.

This video again received a lot of attention from residents. The vlog trip continued and after a while the number of subscribers skyrocketed to the millions.

Until now, he has made several tens of advertisements and short films seen by billions of people around the world. He does advertisements for the most important brands such as Nike, Google, Mercedes-Benz, and J. Crew. Not only this, this ambitious man is a co-founder of the multimedia application ‘Beme’.

Of course, Neistat made a lot of money through his YouTube account. Not sure? Try checking the Casey Neistat data on Social Blade and the results!

Casey Neistat on Social Blade
Casey Neistat on Social Blade

Here are 10 steps to make money from YouTube!

1. Make a YouTube Channel

This step is the first step that we cannot pass. Make an account first on YouTube if you don’t have it already. Try signing in to YouTube (You can use a Google account to log in and register, instead of filling in all the data forms from the first). Then make our channel. Think about what names are interesting to your YouTube stream and how your ideas flow, how your channel’s topic or features compare to similar channels or streams. how to make the Youtube Channel Live

2. Monetize YouTube Channels

Try signing in to your YouTube account, select the “account information” menu located on the top right hand side and click “Creator Studio”. Next, on the left hand menu, select “Channel” and click “Status and features”. In the end, select “Enable Monetisation”. Furthermore, agree on the existing agreement. For details, read 5 YouTube’s Monetization Terms with Adsense

3. Connecting YouTube to AdSense

After activating monetization on your YouTube channel, you need to associate and approved your AdSense account to your YouTube account. There will be a YouTube Analytic feature that you can use to track your income, which can be paid only if you complete or follow the existing Youtube payment treshold. For more, read How to Link an Adsense Account to Youtube Channel

4. Maximizing the Role of Monetization on YouTube Channels

To get the most out of your YouTube channel, the following requirements need you to meet or obey:

  1. Video must be user-friendly
  2. The contents must be our original work in order to promote it
  3. Copyrighted videos that we plagiarise from the internet do not produce anything better undo our willingness to do plagiarism
  4. Video We must pay attention to the Terms of Service and Community Guidelines that have been created by the YouTube faction
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Before starting YouTube video monetization How to Verify YouTube Accounts and Additional Features After Verified

5. Perform Conversion Rate to Product Page

If you are responsible for a company or a separate business, you can turn your YouTube stream into an opportunity to increase your conversion rate. Make content that shows so good and interesting products that want to be highlighted through soft promotion.

Next create a link on your product page in the YouTube video overview column. This is often done by some vloggers who want to sell things smoothly. For example, music videos generally shoot many separate products that are used by important stars or singers.

6. Selling Videos on the Video Sales Web

You can also sell your videos on a commercial web that provides you with several video-maker facilities to sell your work. So, on YouTube, you can upload broadcasts in the form of teasers and direct your viewers to pay if you want to see versus everything.

7. Direct Traffic to Affiliate Links

Affiliate marketing is clearly an opportunity to make money online that is really well known. The problem is if very many of these affiliate marketers do not convey how detailed the effort is needed to produce a sizable income.

Rather than entrusting existing websites to direct people to affiliate links, try to make a good YouTube stream and use them as a catalyst that can lead to affiliate links just now. As visual niche changes continue to grow, where some people start lazy to read long texts, you can also increase your efforts faster.

8. Withdraw Sponsorship

If we pay attention to some popular YouTubers who succeed on the internet, we certainly know that in most of their YouTube video content there are still sponsorship and advertisement factors. These two aspects they use to make money from YouTube.

9. Perform Live Speaking to Increase Consumer Engangement

Later, if we already have quite a lot of fanbases or fans, we can make a meeting and greeting. We might make a regular agenda so our communes can grow.

This work is done to increase our engagement with some of your loyal subscribers. Later, we can sell products or promote some other content during the event and use this opportunity to get to know who our niche market is.

10. Think Out of the Box

We need to think outside the routine if we want to produce an interesting video to see from first to the end of the broadcast, then given back by some people to then become viral content. Next, we will give some examples of the types of videos that are seen by some people and can make more money from YouTube.

Types & Niche Videos That Make a Lot of Money on YouTube

As we said in the beginning, we need to make interesting content. How about interesting content? Of course that makes some people’s attention change, so they want to see our video broadcast. Here are some kinds of videos we can think of to make. Have an experiment!

Voice over or YouTube podcast
Voice over or YouTube podcast

Video Voice Over Or Podcast

Sound recordings or story podcasts We have some interesting evidence, comments about the latest news, our opinions about film or music that can be visually appealing until our videos are interesting to watch.

Video List or List

This broadcast contains an interesting list to see visually. The list that we make can be in the form of a list of any problems that can be summarized into interesting titles such as, ” 10 Best UFC Women’s Knockouts ” or ” 10 Discovery of Alien Signs on Earth “. The video can contain sound with moving pictures, or text and collage of photographs.

Tutorial Video

Guide meaningful tips for making or doing a thing. Now, many guide videos that we get on the internet. Those of us who like to do makeup may be interested in doing a makeup show that was recorded to be given on YouTube on our channel. Or, maybe we want to make a fun video about the problem of making an alien antidote. Try to be creative to make attractive (or viral) broadcasts!

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Video Unboxing

In essence, with psychic, humans have a very high curiosity. This has resulted in several unboxing videos being searched for by YouTube users. From the video Unboxing children’s toys to some technological tools for adults.

Most people of several age groups like the sensation of “opening” something that is hidden or wrapped. The same as when we shop and remove our groceries in the house. This opinion has been reviewed in one of the articles published by MentalFloss.

How to Make Money from YouTube.png
Vox Channel is one channel that produces illustrated and educational videos

Educational Videos and Illustrations

Now, there are lots of educational broadcasts that are made with really interesting examples and amazingly good quality. Ever heard of the YouTube Vox channel? Or those of you who are interested in knowing theories in several sections, have seen CrashCourse ? We can also make some of their content with example styles and our own conversations.

has made a successful video guide series doing business online. We can see, like, and make comments. Don’t forget to subscribe!

Here are some things we can do:

Make videos that look good (resolution, corner of polling, etc.).

Creating videos that are interesting for viewers to watch from the first to the end of the broadcast.

Make videos that enhance engangement, by encouraging viewers to comment or share videos.

Invite viewers to become subscribers on YouTube on our channel

Giving a name or title that matches your broadcast content, giving an overview of the video that is also appropriate and can have an influence on rank because it is in accordance with SEO.

Make as many videos as possible

Publish or socialize your YouTube videos on all available social media

Here are some things that can’t be done with Youtube:

Don’t do plagiarism like copy and paste the contents of one YouTube video to your own YouTube account. Our manipulative actions will be automatically caught by YouTube for violating copyright, and we will be used for sanctions

Do not create explicit content that violates YouTube’s Terms of Service
Know the Meaning of CPM and RPM

If you are serious or serious about making money from a YouTube account that you set, this means you not only need to know the tips and also know some of the terms used in monetizing your YouTube video. Next we will define the terms!

Understanding CPM Video Youtube

CPM stands for Cost per Mille. This meaning is adapted from Latin which literally means a thousand. Regarding video monetization on YouTube, there is a formula that is used to ascertain what your earnings are:

Revenue = CPM x (overall impression / 1000)

So, we divide the amount or the total number of broadcasts by the number 1000, because the CPM price applies 1 $ per 1000 broadcasts. Confused to count? Don’t worry, we will give an example of the calculation so that we can think of how much money we can make from YouTube with the parable of 1 $ some 10,000 Rupiah:

1000 views / $ 1 = approximately 10 thousand rupiah

10,000 views / $ 10 = approximately 100,000 rupiah

100,000 views / $ 100 = approximately 1 million rupiah

1,000,000 views / $ 1000 = approximately 10 million rupiah

10,000,000 views / $ 10,000 = approximately 100 million rupiah

The amount of money paid can go up if it is a holiday such as Christmas or Eid. The amount can be controlled by the time, content and gender of visitors. The total amount of money varies, from 50 cents to 10 $ per thousand impressions. On Google AdSense, impression is the number of pages that contain ad unit content that appears. Finally, for some countries that use English as a native language, the CPM is higher than the non-CPM.

Definition of RPM

RPM stands for Revenue per thousand impressions. In this case, YouTube takes a 45% discount in advertising revenue made through the YouTube Kita stream from the entire RPM. The formula is:

Revenue = Income ÷ Monetized video playback x 1000

Provision of the Youtube Partnership Update 2019

Youtube requires a total time of 4,000 hours of video along with 1,000 subscribers in the last 12 months, this is for one channel to be able to enter the YouTube Partner Program. What is YPP Youtube? Come Learn and Make as Much Money!

The advantage gained by gathering in this program is that one channel can enter a link to the web at the end of the video. Beyond that, the channel can place its ads on any of their videos.

Conclusion: All of the above are only a part of how to make money from content creators on YouTube. There are many ways to make money from video content on YouTube. the most important thing is to remain istoqomah and serious if you want to pursue this field.