10 Ways to Make Money from Youtube

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There are many promising article authors on Us if some of the ways they provide are the steps to make money from YouTube. However, we need standby because generally some tips offered are just a series of cliched motivational words, can only change steps, think or review some things on the surface.

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Ways to Make Money from Youtube

Don’t give up hope! We will give a direct description of the target if we really want to make money from our YouTube account!

Ways to Make Money from Youtube

For us to just read this article fun, are we not interested in producing some money from our YouTube channel? Had you heard the name of the fantastic young man Casey Neistat? Don’t run away from this page. We did not review Casey Neistat personal life. We mentioned that name because we probably knew that Casey Neistat had been talked about because he sold out his love story on YouTube, cried “bombay” during the broadcast, and the number of viewers in the video (maybe we don’t think it was important) is now phenomenal!

What’s behind the incident? Yes, of course there is money made!

Please change to another successful YouTuber with international. Had you heard the name Casey Neistat?

This 36-year-old man is a popular YouTuber who doesn’t sell sensations from the drama of his personal life. More precisely, Neistat made a truly different sensation from domestic YouTubers we said initially.

In February 2010, Casey Neistat made an unverified private stream on YouTube. The first video was an emergency brake cable problem in the train car. He then launched a 6-minute short film related to the Chatroulette website. Then, he launched a video criticizing the New York City Police Department because there was a problem with ticket riders’ problems in New York City.

March 2015, Neistat began posting videos regularly. His vlog was titled “The Vice President, Outer Space & the Baby” launched in May 2015. Then, the following year, in January 2016, Neistat and his colleagues filmed a video on an empty street, in New York City. This video titled ‘Snowboarding with the NYPD’ broadcasts Neistat pulled by a rope on the street.

The 2-minute 41-second video went viral and resulted in Neistat getting a lot of publicity. After that, in September 2016, Neistat published one vlog about his experience in the Emirates first class seat. This video again gets a lot of attention from residents. The vlog journey continued and after a while the number of customers skyrocketed to millions.

He has until now made several tens of advertisements and short films seen by billions of people around the world. He worked on advertisements for the most important brands such as Nike, Google, Mercedes-Benz, and J. Crew. Not only this, this ambitious man is the co-founder of multimedia application “Beme”.

Of course, Neistat made a lot of money through its YouTube account. Not sure? Try checking the Casey Neistat data we took from the Social Blade tool!

Good, enough to study the problem of successful YouTuber! Now what is the trick so that we can be as successful as some good YouTubers worship us? Exactly, how do the tricks produce billions of rupiah from our YouTube channel?

1. Make a YouTube channel

This step is the first step we cannot miss. Make an account first on YouTube if you don’t have it yet. Try signing in to YouTube (We can use a Google account to enter and register, compared to the contents of all form data from the first). Then make our channel. Think about what names are interesting for our YouTube stream and how our ideas flow, how are the topics or characteristics of your channel compared to channels or similar streams.

2. Monetize YouTube channel

Try signing in to our YouTube account, select the “account information” menu located on the top right side and click “Creator Studio”. After that, on the menu on the left side, select “Channel” and click “Status and features”. In the end, select “Enable Monetisation”. After that the agreement is there.

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3. Connect YouTube channel to AdSense

After activating monetization on our YouTube channel, we need to do our associate and approved AdSense account to YouTube on our account. Later there will be a YouTube Analytic feature that we can use to track our income, which can only be paid if we complete or follow the Youtube payment threshold there.

4. Maximize the role of monetization on the YouTube channel, youtube monetization

To maximize our YouTube channel, some of these requirements need to be fulfilled or obeyed:

5. Perform Conversion Rate to Product Page

If we are responsible for a single company or business, we can make our YouTube flow an opportunity to increase our conversion rate. Make the content show so good and interesting that the product wants to be highlighted through soft promotion. After that make a link on your product page in our YouTube video picture column. This is often done by some vloggers who want to sell smoothly. For example, in music videos, there are generally many shoots of individual products used by important stars or singers.

6. Sell Videos on the Video Sales Web

We can also sell videos. We on the commercial web provide facilities for us, some video makers to sell our work. So, on YouTube, we can upload broadcasts in the form of teasers and direct our viewers to pay if they want to see vs complete.

7. Directing Traffic to Link Affiliates

Affiliate marketing is clearly an opportunity to make money online so popular. The problem is that if very many of these affiliate marketers do not convey how detailed the business is needed to produce substantial income. Compared to entrusting a website to direct people to an affiliate link, try making a good YouTube stream and using it as a catalyst can lead to the affiliate link just now. Along with the changing visual niche, where some people are reluctant to read the text at length, we can also improve our business faster.

8. Attract Sponsorship

If we pay attention to some popular YouTubers successfully on the internet, we certainly know if in most of their YouTube video content there are still factors in sponsorship and advertisement. They use these two facets to produce money from YouTube.

9. Perform Live Speaking to Improve Consumer Engagement

Later, if we already have quite a lot of fans or fans, we can make meetings and greetings. We might make a regular agenda so that our communes can grow. This work is done to improve our engagement with some of our loyal subscribers. Later, we can sell products or promote some other content when the program runs and use the opportunity this time to get to know who our market niche is.

10. Think Out of The Box

We need to think outside the routine if we want to produce interesting videos to be seen from the first to the end of the broadcast, then given back by a few people and then become viral content. Such, we will give a few examples of the most video types seen by some people and can produce more money than YouTube.

As we said in the beginning, we need to make interesting content. How is the content interesting? Of course, some people’s attention has changed, so they want to see our video broadcast. Here are some kinds of videos that we can think of to make. Have a good experiment!

Recordings of storytelling We deal with some interesting evidence, our comments about the latest news, our opinions about movies or music can be visually appealing until our videos are interesting to see.

This broadcast contains an interesting list to see visually. The list we can make in the form of a list of any problem can be summarized into interesting titles such as, “10 Most Knockout, either Female UFC Boxers” or “10 Alien Signs Discovery on Earth”. The video can contain sound with moving images, or writing and collages of photographs.

A meaningful guide to making or doing something. Today, many video guides we get on the internet. We like to dress ourselves up, maybe we are interested in doing a makeup event recorded for our YouTube channel. Or, maybe we want to make a fun video about the steps to make an alien antidote. Try to be creative to make attractive broadcasts (or even viral)!

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In essence, with psychology, humans have a very high sense of curiosity. This has resulted in many unboxing videos being searched for by YouTube users. From starting Unboxing children’s toys videos to several technology tools for adults. Most people from some age groups like the sensation of “opening” a hidden or wrapped. Same as when we shop and take out our groceries in the house. This opinion has been examined in one of the articles published by MentalFloss.

Right now, there are many educational broadcasts made with such interesting examples and wonderfully good quality. Got to hear the YouTube Vox channel? Or are we interested in knowing theories in some parts, had time to see CrashCourse? We can also make some of their content with example styles and our own conversations.

have made a video series guide to successful online business. We can see, like, and give comments. Don’t forget to subscribe!

Here are some things we can do:

Here are some things you can’t do with Youtube:

Know the CPM and RPM meanings

If you are serious or really want to make money from your YouTube account, we set it, this means you don’t just need to know the tips and also know some terms used in monetizing your YouTube videos. We will define the terms!

CPM stands for Costs per Mille. This meaning is adapted from Latin with literal meaning per thousand. Regarding monetization of videos on YouTube, there is a formula used to ascertain what our income is:

Revenue = CPM x (overall impression / 1000)

So, we divide the number or the total number of broadcasts by the number 1000, because the CPM price applies 1 $ per 1000 broadcasts. Confused about counting? Don’t worry, we will give an example of the calculation so we can think of how much money we can make from YouTube with a parable of 1 $ some 10,000 Rupiah:

1000 views / $ 1 = approximately 10 thousand rupiah

10,000 views / $ 10 = approximately 100 thousand rupiah

100,000 views / $ 100 = approximately 1 million rupiah

1,000,000 views / $ 1000 = approximately 10 million rupiah

10,000,000 views / $ 10,000 = approximately 100 million rupiah

The amount of money paid can go up if it’s a holiday like Christmas or Eid. The amount can be controlled by time, content and gender of visitors. The overall money is actually varied, from 50 cents to 10 $ per thousand impressions. On Google AdSense, the impression is the number of pages containing the ad unit appear. Finally, for some countries to use English as a native language, the CPM is higher than no.

RPM stands for Revenue per thousand impressions. In this case, YouTube takes a cut of some 45% of ad revenue made through our YouTube stream from the whole RPM. The formula is:

Revenue = Income ized Monetized x 1000 video playback

Youtube requires a total of 4,000 hours of video time and 1,000 subscribers in the last 12 months, this is intended for one channel to be able to enter YouTube Program Partners. The benefits obtained by gathering in this program are one channel can enter the link to the web at the end of the video. Apart from that, the channel can place ads on their videos anywhere.


Through this article, we have already provided one interesting tip to read if we want to generate income from our YouTube channel. We gave some important info on the tips of the tips, what can and can’t be done in monetizing our YouTube videos, and some terms used related to the amount of money maybe We can from YouTube.

This content is a form of our principle so that cheap quality hosting providers in Indonesia of international quality have a mission to help us succeed online. Not only this article, we can know how to increase our YouTube video rank and what our video SEO techniques are.

Not only from YouTube, we can actually also get money through several steps on the Internet! Download free eBooks Step to Make Money from the Internet. Hopefully our tips will help, congratulations on improving our business!