5 of the Best WordPress Sitemap Plugins

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Best WordPress Sitemap Plugin: For a blogger, of course you are familiar with the term sitemap. What is a sitemap? Sitemaps contain information about URLs on the site, such as maps for search engines.

Sitemaps (sitemao) are used by website owners to notify search engines including Google about the pages on their website. To create a sitemap, there are many of the best WordPress sitemap plugins that we can use.

Although it is very important, it turns out there are still many website owners who have not used the sitemap function properly. Maybe some of them don’t understand about site maps or don’t consider site maps to be used because they already have better and faster navigation tools.

However, whatever your reasons regarding this issue also cannot be fully justified, because if you see it from the SEO sitemap, it is very necessary for now.

The reason why you need a sitemap?

If you use a site map, the website domain and website pages are easier to find by search engines, but also faster for the indexing process.
If there is a change in the structure of your website, the sitemap will provide information to search engines.

plugin slider wordpress terbaik
plugin slider wordpress terbaik

The best WordPress sitemap plugin

Search engines will prefer websites, because this site map actually helps search engines to index large websites that have many unstructured or unlinked pages.

Of the three points above of course has become a strong reason why a sitemap is very important and why you should make a sitemap for a WordPress site.

# 1. Yoast SEO Plugin

Plugin WordPress SEO, Plugin is highly recommended for you to use. Yoast SEO is one of the most popular WordPress plugins. Now Yoast SEO has installed more than 5 million active websites worldwide. No wonder many people have dropped their choice on the WordPress SEO plugin, because Yoast has powerful and user-friendly features.

Especially for those of you who are beginners with SEO optimization problems, by having an easy-to-understand interface, Yoast SEO makes it possible for you to be able to add SEO Title, Slug URL, Meta Description & Meta contained in each article or page that you will publish. In addition, Yoast SEO has features that can guide you to optimize SEO Title, Slug URL & Meta Description.

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# 2. All in One SEO Package

Next is SEO All in One which is now also very popular, until now this plugin has installed more than 3 million websites. If you see the features it offers, this WordPress SEO plugin is no less powerful. The All in One SEO package not only comes with XML sitemap support, SEO Title optimization, Meta tags, etc. However, for this WordPress SEO plugin, it is very possible for your website to be integrated with Google Analytics. So, you can monitor your website traffic at any time.

# 3. SEO Ultimate

The next best WordPress sitemap plugin is SEO Ultimate, this plugin is also highly recommended for you, friends. Even though this one plugin is standard in hundreds of thousands, this plugin is also good for you to use.

This SEO plugin also offers quite attractive offers and is packed with modules. Well, these modules include rich Snippet Maker, Monitor 404, Slug Optimizer, Permalink Tweaker and Canonicalizer, Link Mask Generator, etc.

# 4. XML Sitemap & Google News

This sitemap xml plugin and Google News can be used for news websites to be indexed by Google News. This plugin can be obtained for free at the wordpress plugin directory.

The function is the same as other sitemap plugins, namely for indexing on the google search console (webmaster). download: https://id.wordpress.org/plugins/xml-sitemap-feed/

# 5. Google XML Sitemap

Now for those of you who want a superior website in search engines, be sure to use Google XML sitemaps on your website. This sitemap plugin is already equipped with default settings.

So you can use it for free. The sitemap itself has a function to make it easier for search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing to check the structure of your website. So, search engines can index your website better.

FV Simpler SEO Pack

Next is the FV Simpler SEO Package, for active users of this SEO plugin, there are only thousands. But you don’t need to hesitate using this plugin, because FV Simpler SEO Pack has its own uniqueness, this plugin offers a interface that is quite simple and easy to understand. It is suitable, for those of you who are beginners and want to explore the world of SEO.

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Clerk, yes maybe not so familiar to you. But it is important for you to know together that this WordPress SEO plugin cannot be underestimated. This is because not only presents features for optimization, but in this case Scribe also provides research features that can help SEO optimization.

SEO Friendly Images

If you like writing article lists that use a lot of images and provide additional image alt and titles for each picture you upload.

So using this SEO friendly image plugin is a very appropriate choice. With you using this plugin, there is a big possibility that you can enter the first page of a search engine.

plugin sitemap wordpress
plugin sitemap wordpress

How to Make a WordPress Sitemap with Google XML Sitemaps

As you know, sitemap.xml is a page that provides information about links from websites, which are used by search engines to crawl. With that, of course, search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo will be able to browse and browse the pages within it.

This time we will explain about how to create a sitemap.xml on WordPress. Actually to make this sitemap there are many ways, but for now will be explained about how to make a sitemap with one of the best WordPress sitemap plugins, namely Google XML Sitemap. The following are the steps that you can follow:

  1. Enter wp-admin
  2. Second, you enter the “plugins” menu, then select “add new”
    Look for the “Google XML Sitemaps” plugin in the search field, then you can click install
  3. After the “Google XML Sitemaps” plugin is active, you can configure it in the “Settings> XML-sitemap” menu
  4. After everything is configured successfully, please click “Update Options” at the bottom
    Please check the sitemap page with access to http://domainname.com/sitemap.xml and you will know the results.

What about the way we share above? You certainly already know about how to make this sitemap.

You can also choose the best WordPress sitemap plugin as we explained above. May be useful.