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Responsive BLOGGER Templates, for now the blog template must be Responsive, so that visitors can open with any device, laptop, PC, tablet and mobile phone.

Google search engine is very prioritizing blogs or websites that when opened on mobile devices fast Loadingnya. Most likely blogs or web using responsive templates will be faster elements Oleg search engine. In addition it is lightweight Blogspot AMP Template and Frendly SEO.

SEO Friendly Blog Template requirements

1. Responsive

The website Template should be responsive so that the website fits in any device, either a desktop device, a mobile or a tablet. Thus visitors can open our website anywhere without any shrinking the quality.

2. Suitable for all browsers

The SEO friendly Template is not just suitable for all devices, and it also has to be suitable for all Internet browsers. The browser preferences of website visitors are various until we have to be able to accommodate them by using a template that matches all browsers.

3. Friendly Navigation

The so-called friendly navigation is that visitors can easily find the content to be read. Choose a website template that is very likely we control the sharing of content based on groups that are easily understood by the reader.

4. Loading speed

Loading speed is one of the key things in choosing a website template because long loading websites will get bad value from Google. The worst thing is that our website will be hard to show on the first page of search results.

5. Social Media Integration

We need to take into account the website templates that support the feature share in social media so that readers do not trouble when they want to share content on our website to social media.

5 Responsive Free Blog Templates Download

1. Viomagz SEO Friendly Blogger Template

Blogger Viomagz Template

Blogger Viomagz Template

The first best blogger Template is Viomagz. The template that makes the blogger legend, Sugugeng, manages to attract the attention of bloggers. This is because the template is very responsive, SEO friendly, loads fast, and has a good data structure.

2. Best Blogger Template – SEO Ready Flexible Company

SEO Blogger Template Flexible Company
SEO Blogger Template Flexible Company

This Template is made Adhi Suryadi is no doubt about the quality and speed of the page as well as SEO blog.

A responsive and good blogger Template for personal blog use, this theme can attract the attention of many bloggers. Direct Check TKP gan:

3. The Blogger Template igniplex seo Friendly
Template blogger Igniplex seo friendly
Template blogger Igniplex seo friendly

The next best blogger template is a template created by Mrs. Igniel. Maybe familiar with this beautiful girl blogger in the Indonesian blogger group.

This Template, is responsive, SEO Friendly, Fast Loading, Mobile Friendly, and well-designed data structures. For further details, please visit

4. Seo Simplify 2 Premium Blogger Template

SEO Blogger Template Simplify
Responsive Blog Template

For details please visit This Template is great for readers and SEO, because of its simple design.

Arlina makes many blog templates responsive and free on average, if you want premium or custom can directly communication via chat.

5. The Template is FREE SEO FRIENDLY Brosense.

The Template is FREE SEO FRIENDLY Brosense.

This brosense template is completely responsive and mobile friendly, the Loadingnya speed is no doubt. Simple and good form of reading for blog visitors.

If you’re a wordpress blog user can use Themes, the lightest WordPress Template (free + SEO Friendly).

Conclusion: SEO and readers are two different things on the blog, we have to take care of both. If we design our blog for readers then SEO will be involved.