The Best Seo WordPress Plugin to Increase Visitors

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Best WordPress SEO Plugins – for wordpress bloggers, plugins are a must have. For you WordPress bloggers are certainly familiar with the plugin, because the plugin has a function that is very helpful in developing blogs.

The plugin itself is an application that is intended to be included in other applications. Other applications must have a larger capacity than the plugin or usually called the parent application. So the plugin has the main goal, which is to play a role in maximizing the functions of the parent application.

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When the function of the parent application is maximized using a plugin, your wordpress will have a function that is not owned by wordpress in general. This maximized function makes your wordpress blog optimize SEO.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is an activity that makes your blog appear on the first page of search engines. This is of course highly expected by most bloggers, because the first page on a search engine is the one that is visited frequently.

No wonder many bloggers who use wordpress because it has a plugin that is very profitable. So that needs that are not met in wordpress standards can be met by installing the plugin.

The Best WordPress SEO Plugin

Plugins have a variety of variations and also various functions between one plugin with another plugin. You can choose plugins according to your needs or desires in developing wordpress. Here are some wordpress SEO plugins that can help optimize your blog’s SEO, including:

#1. The first plugin that is highly recommended because most activated by most bloggers is WordPress SEO from Yoast. This plugin is quite satisfying because it has many features and is very maximal in its use.

In addition, this plugin is often upgraded to be more interesting and very easy to make SEO settings. The features of this plugin you can get gatis and paid, so that you can maximize your comfort.

#2. The second plugin is the All in One SEO Pack which is very easy to use in optimizing SEO. This plugin has a free and also a paid version, you just choose which one you want.

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One of the advantages of this plugin is able to integrate with analytics platforms such as Google Analytics. Google Analytics can help you observe the development of blog charts.

#3. The third plugin is SEO Ultimate which is almost similar to the All in One SEO Pack plugin, the difference between the two is quite slight.

Some interesting features of SEO Ultimate plugins such as 404 monitors, link mask creators, and much more.

Finally, the famous FV Simpler SEO Pack plugin is quite simple in optimizing SEO. So this plugin is highly recommended for beginner bloggers because it is not difficult to use.

So many of the best wordpress SEO plugins in developing your blog, both for beginner and old bloggers. The Best Seo WordPress Plugin to Increase Visitors.

Plugins on wordpress not only work for SEO, security, statistics and much more for more details, please read the article WordPress Mandatory Plugins

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