Here’s how to become a YouTube and get money from Adsense Youtube

BerandaEnglishHere's how to become a YouTube and get money from Adsense Youtube
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how to become a youtuber, There are many ways we can take to get money from the internet. One of the millions of opportunities to make money on the internet is to become a Youtuber. How can a Youtuber get money? this time we will discuss the youtuber to get money from google adsense.

What is Google Adsense?

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Adsense is a third party that publishes creator content with advertisers. Adsense is one of Google’s services. Read more about what Google Adsense is

How do you get money from Google Adsense?

Initially, Youtube was only used as entertainment for many people who did not know that youtube could make money too. By becoming a youtuber we can get money from the internet (youtube) easily.

Maybe for some people who don’t know what Youtuber is and what they do. Youtuber itself is a meaning for someone who keeps creative content on YouTube channels on an ongoing basis.

cara jadi youtuber sukses

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Steps to Earn Money from Google Adsense for Youtuber (How to earn money on YouTube)

What is Google Adsense? There may be many who are not yet familiar with that meaning. Google Adsense is one of the online advertising programs owned by Google Incorporation.

This online advert program offers to most people who have a website or website to display Adsense ads on their website or website, if there are visitors who click on that Adsense ad, therefore the web owner / website will get income or money.

Then, how do you get money from Google Adsense for those who want to become Youtuber?

So someone Youtuber is the will of some people today. It is none other than to get money from the internet.

In obtaining money through YouTube, of course it cannot be obtained instantly. Therefore, here are five conditions for getting money from Google Adsense for Youtuber.


1, Don’t Break Youtube Rules

In daily life, doing manipulation certainly has a bad effect. Doing this naughty act seems to be a short way for someone to get to his point. The point is not to violate youtube rules, especially doing sub4sub, because Youtube prohibits sub-sub or sub-subscribers.

Sub for sub is one job begging subscribers by asking to subscribe and so the alternative will be subsidized again.

Not only using comments, Sub for sub can also use tools or applications. This work is certainly prohibited because the provision for producing money is not using sub for sub tools.

cara jadi youtuber sukses

2, Has 1,000 Subscriber

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If you want to create a YouTube channel and make money, the terms must have 1,000 subscribers. The subscriber obtained is of course must be original and cannot use the sub for sub as explained above. To find subscribers of around 1000 people, there are ways that can be done.

One of the steps to find 1,000 subscribers is to create original content and not upload content anymore. Besides creating original content, the YouTube channel that is made must also look different from the others. Apart from that, the contrived canal must of course focus on one theme, for example gaming content.

Not only has 1,000 subscribers and doesn’t use sub4sub, YouTube channels must also have a watch time of some 4,000. This watchtime is calculated from how long people see videos uploaded on contrived channels.

3, Has 4,000 Watchtime

To get around watchtime, we can upload long videos. This long duration video, for example, is podcast content or talk content with someone.

Apart from that, for some Youtuber gaming, do live streaming one step to get a lot of watchtime. From the results of the live streaming video, of course, will be seen by several people who visited the gaming stream.

4. Don’t comment on spam

In order to make money from Google Adsense, we can’t spam comments. Spamming is a job on the internet that is annoying because spam can be seen as garbage.

Subscribe spamming on YouTube channels, people can block a YouTube channel to make money. Therefore, do not do spamming so it is a provision to get money from Google Adsense for Youtuber.

This example of spamming can be likened to blogwalking, which was done by several bloggers in the past. The job is definitely considered spam until this kind of work is banned by YouTube.

Well, if you want to start being a Youtuber someone and want to get a lot of subscribers including making good content.

5. Activate YouTube Monetization

Select the ‘Creator Studio’ menu, then go to the ‘Channels – Status and Features’ menu. There is a ‘Monetization’ column then select ‘Activate’.

Then give a checklist signal to all columns in the box, then click ‘I Agree’. Give a checklist signal in the box and click ‘Monetization’.

Well, we are almost finished creating an Adsense account and the video sent is in the step of checking by the Google Adsense faction. яндекс

6. Link Adsense YouTube

Click ‘Monetize’, then click ‘How I Will Be Paid’ and click ‘Associating an Adsense Account.’ Next we can click the ‘Next’ option. Then fill in the data, don’t ever fill in the data when registering Adsense on Youtube, right? Then select ‘Send My Request.’

We will receive an e-mail about the filing status within one week. Later, when submitting an Adsense request is received, we will get a notification letter sent to the e-mail address.

Enjoy the Best Deals from Google

By reading the explanation given, we are increasingly excited about looking for income from Google, right? Getting revenue from Google is not an impossible thing. As long as we do it painstakingly, sustainably and we can enjoy the benefits. Good luck!

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