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Youtube SEO: prime time to upload on youtube: To increase the number of views or view our videos it turns out that not only videos with good quality and interesting titles. There is a friend of the YouTube creator who is very famous with his YouTube channel “Tuah Raja”, the videos are very viral on YouTube and many reuploads are also on other social media such as Facebook and Instagram.

jam upload video di youtube prime time
jam upload video di youtube

Prime time to upload on youtube

“Tuah raja” recommends uploading videos on YouTube preferably at 12 noon and 9pm,

Clock Graph Upload on YouTube (source: youtube creator forum, Tuah Raja)

Based on the graph above shows an increase in view from 12.00 to 21.00, you can see the picture above the number of youtube visitors will go up at 12 noon and 9 pm. From the graph above, it can be concluded, how to upload videos on YouTube must pay attention to the right time to get the number of video visitors that we upload, 1 or 1/2 hours from 12 noon and 9 pm may be the right time to upload videos to YouTube, of course with the target of visitors from Indonesia.

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Note that on each channel has a different chart, depending on the target and the number of visitors from which country ??, the graph is above the possibility for time and the Indonesian target to see where the peak view of his daily life is on each channel.

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