Top 15 Indonesian Youtubers with Fantastic Earnings

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Most popular list of Indonesian YouTubers , Youtube is the most accessed platform for Indonesians. Interestingly, this platform not only serves as a medium for enjoying a work, but also brings income to its creator content. No wonder so many people today are interested in becoming YouTubers.

They competed to present a variety of content to get subscribers and viewers in large numbers.

Especially in Indonesia , there are many famous channels that have millions of subscribers, so they get fantastic income. Who do you think is a successful Indonesian YouTuber in the upper ranks? Here is the full review for you.


List of Indonesian YouTubers with the most Subscriber

Basically Youtube channel which is in the top position is always changing. Therefore, a YouTuber must be diligent in uploading content to invite subscribers as well as viewers.Because that’s where the income earned. Here are the names of Indonesian YouTubers with the most subscriber as well as income, namely:

# 1. Atta Halilintar, For those of you who like watching Youtube, of course you are familiar with the Atta Halilintar channel. The owner of the ‘ashiap’ jargon has a subscriber of 17.9 million.

Atta Halilintar Indonesian Richest Youtuber
Atta Halilintar Indonesia’s Richest Youtuber, photo: YTB

make it the King of Youtube in Indonesia . Based on Youtube’s Social Blade data, he has uploaded 558 counted content since 2014 ago. Some types of content are prank, home artist artist, unboxing, and diss track songs. So far the video has been seen by 1,539,923,039 viewers. From this number of subscribers and viewers, Atta can earn in the range of $ 29 K – $ 464.5 K per month.

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# 2. Ricis Official, the 2nd place Channel is occupied by Ricis Official with a subscriber of 15.9 million This makes it called the Queen of Youtube Indonesia.

Ria Ricis Youtuber Indonesian Girl
Ria Ricis Youtuber Indonesian Girl

Since 2016, this channel has made 641 content consisting of unboxing squisy, vlogs, challenges, cover songs, short films. From here the estimated Ricis income is $ 23.3 K – $ 372.4K per month. Besides Ricis Official, the younger sister of Oki Setiana Dewi also has 3 other channels, namely Ricis TV, Ricis Mermaid, and Rumah Ricis.

# 3. Gen Halilintar, Not only Atta Halilintar, his family also has a Youtube channel with the name Gen Halilintar.

Rich Youtuber Genes of Lightning Family
Youtuber Family Halilintar Gen, photo: YTB

This channel has uploaded 522 content with quite diverse types, including challenges, music, traveling vlogs, and much more. At present Gen Halilintar already has 11.3 million subscribers. While the number of viewers is 1,920,046,119. As a channel ranked 3rd, the estimated Halilintar family income is in the range of $ 15.1K- $ 241K per month.

# 4. Scholarship Candidates, Ranked 4th Youtuber Indonesia is a Bachelor Candidate. Until now there is still no known figure behind this channel.

prospective undergraduate
bachelor candidates, img:

Because the content contains a list of information on unique things in various fields. So far, prospective scholars have 991 content with 2,122,216,019 viewers. While the number of subscribers has reached 10.9 million. From this number of customers and viewers, prospective graduates earn between $ 37.7K- $ 603.8K per month.

# 5. Rans Entertainment, Indonesian YouTuber ranked 5th is Entertainment Rans. This channel belongs to artists Raffi Ahmad and Nagita Slavina.

Entertainment Rans
Rans Entertainment Youtuber Indonesia, img:

Content that has been uploaded as many as 715 with various types, including ransmusic, ransreview, daily vlog of rans, ransprank, ransveling, and much more. All videos were viewed by 1,273,895,397 viewers. While the number of subscribers reached 9.1 million.From here, Rans Entertainment received income of $ 23.1K – $ 369K per month.

# 6. Trans7 Official, Next ranked 6th is Trans7 Official. This channel belongs to the television station that airs the show.

Trans7 Official Youtuber Indonesia
Trans7 Official Youtuber Indonesia, img:

Content that has been uploaded as many as 44,615 with 3,165,658,222 viewers. From 8,427,010 subscribers, Trans7 Official earns an income of around $ 68.2K- $ 1.1K per month.

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# 7. Indosiar, As with the previous rank, this 7th channel belongs to the TV station.

List of Indonesian YouTubers
List of Indonesian YouTubers, Image:

The content has reached 29,242 videos in the form of TV shows. Comparable to its high rating, Indosiar’s viewers have reached 4,461,879,437. At present Indosiar has 8 million subscribers and earns $ 61K- $ 975.3K per month.

# 8. YtCrash, Similar to the Candidate Channels channel, YtCrash also contains a collection of information in various fields including YtCrash food, YtCrash life, YtCrash facts, YtCrash Plus, YtCrash news, and many more.

YtCrash Indonesian YouTuber is popular
YtCrash Indonesian popular YouTuber, image:

From this content YtCrash managed to attract as many as 1,822,273,070 viewers. While the number of subscribers has reached 7.9 million Channels that the admin has not known yet, he earns around $ 31.2K- $ 499.9K.

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# 9. The Shiny Peanut, The Shiny Peanut is a channel containing a collection of information that is packaged in an interesting way, starting from the title, thumbnail, to its contents.

The Shiny Peanut Indonesian YouTuber
The Shiny Peanut Indonesian YouTuber, image:

The total content of this channel has reached 721 with various types, including traveling, viral, technology, animal facts, and others. All content successfully attracted 1,231,461,116 viewers. So far, The Shinnya Peanut has 7.4 million subscribers with revenues of between $ 23.4K- $ 375K.

# 10. Raditya Dika. Youtuber Indonesia who is ranked 10th is Raditya Dika. This figure, known as Komika, has 7.3 million subscribers.

Raditya Dika Youtube and the richest blogger
Raditya Dika Youtuber, Photo: twitter

The content has reached 938 with various types, including stand up comedy, reaction, special paranormal experience, tutorials, and many more. This video has attracted 967,762,957 viewers and has earned $ 12.7K- $ 202.5K per month.

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# 11. SAAIHALILINTAR, It is not wrong if the Halilintar family is called a true Youtuber family.

SAAIHALILINTAR Youtuber Indonesia
SAAIHALILINTAR Youtuber Indonesia

Because not only the Atil Halilintar and Gen Halilintar channels, there are also SAAHALILINTAR that are included in the ranks of Indonesian YouTubers. This channel owned by Atta Halilintar’s sister has uploaded 198 content with 525,317,914 viewers. The content consists of tutorials, reviews, QnA, challenges, and much more. Of the subscriber of 7.2 million, Saaih Halilintar earns an income of between $ 19.4K- $ 310.7K.

# 12. Baim Paula, Channel 12th is Baim Paula. At present the number of subscribers has reached 6.7 million.

Baim Paula Youtuber
Baim Paula Youtuber

While the content has been uploaded as many as 251 with various types, including vlogs, prank, giveaway, QnA, and many more. From this channel artist Baim Wong and his wife earn around $ 18.4K- $ 295.2K per month.

# 13. Popular list, It seems that Indonesians like the channel containing unique information and education.

Youtuber's Popular List
Popular YouTube list, photo:

Proven Popular List became the fifth type of channel information list that entered the ranks of Youtube Indonesia . Currently the Popular List has 6.5 million and 914,139,176 viewers.Of the 1,483 content uploaded by this channel, it earns as much as $ 11.8K – $ 188K per month.

# 14. Trans TV Official, Youtube Channel ranked 14th is Trans TV Official. Yes, this is a channel of a TV station that re-broadcasts the television program.

Trans TV Official
Trans TV Official

So far, 34,284 events have been uploaded with 3,184,219,415 viewers. From its 6.3 million subscribers, this channel earns an income of $ 52.2K- $ 835.2K per month.

# 15. MiawAug, Indonesian YouTuber who is ranked 15th is MiawAug.This is a gaming channel that has uploaded 1,960 game content.

MiawAug Youtuber Gim Indonesia
MiawAug Youtuber Gim Indonesia, photo:

Some of these games include action games, FPS games, horror games, PC games, fun games, mobile games, and many more. For now MiawAug has 6.2 million subscribers. From the viewers who reached 1,327,837,866, this channel earned an income of $ 19K- $ 304K per month.

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Well, that’s a list of Indonesian YouTubers who are in the top 15 with quite fantastic income. Are you interested in becoming a YouTuber?

Yes, each person may have different goals. But most importantly, work lovingly, surely sooner or later income will follow. Don’t get hung up on income, but enjoy the process.Good luck becoming a true YouTuber!