2 FREE Youtube Tools flagship the Youtubers

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New can again write a new tutorial Youtube hands cured of broken bones on the shoulders, hopefully this article is beneficial for Agan-Agan and Sista main that just started with Youtube. In the previous Article 5 free YouTube Keyword tool, to add a free time Viewer 2 YouTube tool that is very good for beginners or even for the famous YouTubers.

These 2 YouTube tools will help you easily manage your channel as well as channel optimization from creation of keyword research thumbnail, video relevant tagging and many more functions and benefits from these 2 free YouTube tools.

Here are 2 free Youtube tools

Free Software Optimization YouTube
Vidiq, a free youtube optimization software

Vidiq, is a tool in the form of Chrome browser extensions or Mozilla Firefox, and what makes interesting is that the tools will integrate with our channel. After we install the next Vidiq is registering on the Web Vidiq we can utilize the various tools that are provided Vidiq. For more details I will be peeled Vidiq on the next article.

Please just go ahead on install Vidiqnya list and enjoy the power of Vidiq tool for YouTube. SEO optimization channel Agan with free tools from Vidiq, if you want to upgrade to premium add good because it will be guided to optimize YouTube video Agan.

For a free version you can also use many tools to optimize the SEO of YouTube videos from the start of keyword research to find the suitable tags for our videos that we upload on our channel. And the most interesting of these tools is that we can see the tags and video traffic of other people who are the competitors of our videos.

Tubebuddy free software Optimization YouTube

Tubebuddy, the second YouTube tool is Tubebuddy basically this tool is the same as Vidiq, a tool that makes it easier to manage and optimize our videos and YouTube channels.

TubeBuddy allows you to automatically update, upload, or delete annotations as well as cards on our channel. Cards, annotations and end videos are important to drive traffic to other videos on our channel or blog.

TubeBuddy also integrates with social media so that we can send videos to Facebook Account. This browser extension has video SEO features, tags for our videos, view ratings and detect descriptions as well as the right video titles for our videos on YouTube.

The features of TubeBuddy are similar to Vidiq’s Vitur, including:

-YouTube reports and estimated earnings
-Share social Media
-The best and relevant tags for our videos
-Default uploads as well as create default descriptions
-Keyword research for tags, titles and description
-Video Search rankings and search rankings updated
-Free YouTube video promotion
-Bulk edits
-Copying YouTube tags from other videos
-Annotation or end video additions and much more usability from Tubebuddy

I myself use Tubebuddy to optimize my channel and video, which I often use is edit thumnail directly from YouTube with the help of Tubebuddy or Vidiq. I use both of these tools to optimize my channel and videos.

Please choose between the two which are best for us to use on our YouTube channel, these two tools have become official partner of YouTube so it is safe to use many famous YouTubers who also use these two tools. 😀

This Tool is simply just assist us to Depro YouTube SEO, the rest is much-prayer and charity. Insya Allah Success Amien.