Download Backsound Songs for Video Travel on Youtube

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Download Backsound Songs , this time I will share tips for getting free song sources for your YouTube video backsound. Keep in mind it’s free not necessarily pass YouTube’s copyright, it may be necessary to add credit songs to your videos to avoid copyright .

The article below is published on the page, there are 5 sources of Download Free Backsound Songs for travel vloggers or other YouTuber themes can also be used.

From the following new hobbies there are many travel vloggers, that is, some travelers document their trips via video to then be given to YouTube or social media. In fact, from the hobby of making this vlog they can produce money that can be used for traveling capital.

You may also know someone as a travel vlogger , but first you have to know how to make a video trick to entertain and attract some people. Videos are generally more interesting when we give it backsound, so that the video is more lively and full of enthusiasm. Not sure? Try to check this video.

How is it, the video of the trip grows more alive and not boring? Well, we need to know if there are two types of backsound, which are paid and free. We have to look at this wisely because using music backsound without permission and without giving copy rights is a violation of copyright. Our videos uploaded on YouTube or social media will also be banned.More chronic We may be attacked by legal problems, you know!

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To avoid this, we need to know if there are a lot of websites preparing backsound and free sound effects for us.

1. BenSound

BenSound prepares free music for your video. The photo came from the monitor capture

Bensound is a free backsound supplier for vlogs. Music groups are provided quite a lot, for example acoustic, pop, jazz, rock, etc. We can download music on this web for free and can be used in your vlog.

To download music on Bensound, you can open the site at Just search and choose music. We are happy, and click the “Download” button. Or we may also download via its youtube channel on

Even though we don’t charge to use music from Bensound, we have to provide the music source in your vlog. One of the music that I like the most is Buddy because it’s more cheerful, dynamic, and enjoy.

2. No Copyright Sounds

NCS – Youtube Channels gives you access to free music. No Copyright Sounds is more popular with the name NCS in a group of several vloggers and videographers. NCS is one of the few YouTube channels to prepare several hundred free music videos. We can visit it at .

The download step is quite easy, if you use the IDM application because the desire to download has been automatically on your screen. But if you don’t have an IDM application, you can download it via

The free music collection at NCS is complete, from slow music to electronic music. If your vlog contains videos showing adventure or outdoor work, you may choose NCS – Infectious for your backsound. Try to listen here.

3. Sound Effect

Download free sound effects on Sound Effects . If you like to give some sound effects to your video, Sound Effects is the right web for you. Sound effects prepare a few hundred sound effects that we can take for free.

Some sound effects on Sound Effcet vary, ranging from the effects of lightning, wind, rain, applause, and bells. We can take some of these sound effects at Steps to download is easy, just click on the sound effect we want to take, because that music will be downloaded automatically. We first check what sound effects you want with test play on the Sound Effects webpage.

4. Free Sound –

Free Sound, a free sound impact supplier for video. The web then prepares a free backsound for vlogs, Free Sound. We may connect this website at

Free Sound is almost similar to Sound Effect, where most of the music is some sound effects. I recommend installing the IDM application to make it easier for you to take audio.

5. Voices
We can make Voices be a choice for free backsound capture tool. Voices lets you take some backsound music for free. To listen to music we want to use, we must download it first. So maybe a little will take time.

We can take music for free at The trick is quite easy, click on the music section we want to take because that music will be downloaded automatically.

my advice if the video on YouTube to moniteze it would be nice to use Backsound Songs from the YouTube Creator audio library