Complete Guide to the Latest Youtube SEO, Prioritize Keyword Research!

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Complete SEO Youtube Guide: Same with Google, on YouTube too We must win the competition on YouTube video search results. We must appear in the top ranking of YouTube search results. How do you win the competition? The answer is YouTube SEO!

Yes, by applying the right YouTube SEO, you can win the competition on YouTube and bring in a lot of viewers. Well, if we just pursue YouTube in the world of social video and expect to have a lot of views, read the following guidelines.

optimasi seo youtube
optimasi seo youtube

What is YouTube SEO?

YouTube is used for the basis of promos, branding, or make money from advertisements just like with the web. High traffic on the video and the appearance of advertisements will be converted into revenue and can be retrieved periodically. If the video has a high view, follow revenue. That’s why we have to do SEO YouTube optimization.

SEO YouTube is an optimization step of the videos that we make and upload on YouTube. The important direction of this optimization is to make more and more videos open by citizens. In individual keywords, the video can appear in the top place.

YouTube is a crawler engine just like Google. What is in the database can be found in individual keywords. Because this idea is the same as web SEO, video needs optimization such as giving keywords, tags, or others.

If we can maximize the video by applying SEO techniques, the video can be more easily found in the base. Beyond that video can also be in search on YouTube given that this base is owned by Google. More detailed information about YouTube SEO tips can be read in the following explanation.

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5 Steps of SEO YouTube Optimization

There are steps we can do to optimize the YouTube SEO that we have. The step is divided into

  • Keyword Analysis
  • Make the Best Quality Video
  • Metadata Optimization
  • Video Promo
  • Use YouTube Analytics

# 1. Keyword Analysis

In YouTube SEO tips We know the name of the keyword or keywords (keywords). Just like with the content on the web, we place keywords with their own density from important keywords, derivatives, to synonyms or LSI.

Keywords on YouTube will ensure the place of content that you create. Example keyword “how to make sambal”. This keyword must have a big competition. Those who have more viewers and more adherents will be in the top ranking.

If you want to optimize the video content that has been or will be published, read the following keyword analysis tips.

Get Keywords According to Your Niche

If you want to dive into the world of YouTube professionally, you need to think about the niche or topic that you are good at. Example We will create a niche with automotive topics, keywords can be about cars, reviews, and experiments. Conversely, if the niche is about travel, keywords related to destinations can be given.

This keyword is important to attract many new viewers if your YouTube page is still new. If it’s been long and has a large fan base, uploading just one video can be trending. However, if you are a beginner, you have to work smart by optimizing keywords.

Use features like Google Trends to see the type of keywords being targeted and their derived phrases. With this tool you will know so much or how strong the competition is. Then it will be seen how many times the keyword is searched every month. From this basis, we create structured content.

Analyzing the Most Recent Trend

Take a look at the trends tab on YouTube. In a separate period the next video number one has the same topic. Examples of the explanation of problems that are busy or there is a shocking incident. From there we can see if YouTube applies the trend and from that trend we can gain a lot of viewers.

There are two steps to see the trends that take place on YouTube. First of the autocomplete features in the search column. Second, immediately see the trends tab and offset by seeing Google Trends. Sometimes what’s busy on social media and getting to know the news online can also be raised.

So, make a video or collect some info and pictures so that the video is not done carelessly. We might be able to make certain trends from what is made. However, we can also take advantage of that trend to increase the number of viewers quickly.

Riset Keyword Youtube untuk SEO
Riset Keyword Youtube untuk SEO

Collection of Keywords on Google

About 20-40% of traffic coming to YouTube comes from organic search on Google. Considering that the search section from there is quite large, we are encouraged to collect keywords that are widely used and in accordance with the niche that we are building.

In the right keywords and the addition of ongoing trends, optimization can be done more easily. Even so, the original content must still be made so that the YouTube channel that we make is not memorable copycat or just follow it.

In this way how to analyze keywords (keywords) in the article Steps in Keyword Analysis (keywords) can use this method, Keyword Research With Youtube Auto Suggestions (SEO YTB)

# 2. Create the Best Quality Video

Same with Google, the YouTube algorithm is difficult and often switches. In the same keywords, it could be your video on the umpteenth search page and have people on the top list.

In YouTube search, the video above is the video that is considered the most appropriate or related keywords. Well, before doing some optimization, start by doing keyword analysis, you should know the type of video that YouTube likes, as much detail.

Fix Editing Quality

The quality of the correction ensures whether the video will occupy a high ranking or actually sink below. If the video editing technique is still bad, getting a lot of viewers will be difficult unless the content in it causes viral and some people want to know to look at it.

Video Originality

Creating original content is important even though it is quite difficult. If we copy it, YouTube will know that. Plus if there is video or music content that is copyrighted. The base can directly lower it or it cannot be monetized.

Don’t use instant steps. Better to make quality original content. As long as the optimization is good and we are able to implement other YouTube SEO steps, the video will get a lot of views.

See Time

The time of the video determines whether later the content is easily indexed in individual keywords or not. Some people who do monetization keep making videos over 5 minutes. Videos with this time already have provisions for monetization such as Adsense. Pay attention to the best video upload times and note the best hours.

Create Interesting Thumbnails

The package from the video must be interesting and contain anyone who happens to find it curious. This package includes thumbnails on videos. Don’t upload a video then release it without this side. Click verses in a few words or interesting things from the video can be added to this side. How to make YouTube Thumbnails that are unique and super cool

Care for Audience

Quality videos are needed to make some people happy and ultimately want to share or watch often. The more videos watched by YouTube users, the index of this video will be good. Within the same keywords, videos will easily appear on the start page of YouTube search.

The greater the number of subscribers we have, the greater the chance will appear in the top position. Not just taking care of the video, see some viewers so they are more loyal and always come back every time there is new content.

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# 3 Metadata Optimization

In the initial discussion We explained a lot of keywords or keywords (keywords). However, we do not yet know where that keyword should be placed. Should it be on video or on images, captions, tags, or the like.

In this section, we will review how YouTube SEO optimization is done and where keywords are placed. Such detailed explanation

Insert Keywords in the Title

Title and keyword provisions apply to videos uploaded on YouTube. We must create a title that contains keywords, their derivatives, or synonyms. The keyword in the title will be used as a feed when searching. The more related the title in the keyword, the more likely it will appear on the first page.

As far as possible there are keywords in a number of characteristics of the front side. Usually there are limits around 60 features. If more than that, the title will automatically be truncated in YouTube search results. This will definitely be unfortunate, plus if the contents are indeed quality.

Next, try a title that contains keywords related to the contents of the video. If it is not related and just playing with the bait verse, it could be that your video will be sent down or get a report. Even if there is a verse click, try to still relate to the content provided.

Video Descriptive Optimization

Not only in the title, the planned keywords must also be in the description. Whatever goes on, don’t leave the description column that is up to 1,000 of these features blank. Give an overview according to the video or input CTA (call to action) or solicitation.

In making a picture, try to enter keywords that are planned in the first 100 features or the first 2-3 lines. That side will be on the video before viewers click on the words “Show more”. Try keywords, CTA, or other important things on that side.

Some people give transcripts of some of the words available from the video. From there we can also enter keywords that match. Do it right and be careful and do not ever have keywords planned even saltik or typo.

Enter the appropriate tags

Keywords are not just included in the description and title. Optimization on the machine must also be done. We need to enter keywords that match the video and other related keywords in the tag. Tags help Google and YouTube to understand the framework of our video. If keywords are optimized for these two things, optimization can run smoothly.

Give Hashtag that Appropriate with the Video

Not only tags that are not visible on the outside, you must also enter a hashtag or hashtag that matches. This hashtag came out at the top of the title in the form of a fence signal accompanied by several words that correspond to it. When the hashtag is clicked, YouTube will display videos with the same hashtag so that the search gets more detailed.

Create a Thumbnail that Appropriate Video Content

Technology from Google and its derivatives counted as YouTube is very great and can know objects such as writing in the picture. Therefore we are encouraged to save keywords or related ones in the thumbnail. Place it balanced and don’t overdo it.

# 4 Video Promotion

After doing the YouTube SEO steps above, is this work over? The answer is definitely no. There are several things that need to be done to attract a lot of video viewers. The method is done by doing promos. These are the appropriate video promo methods.

Use the Right Social Media

Social media has an important function to do any form of content marketing including video. We just need to share on social media that we have like Twitter or Instagram.

Give a link and a video footage that contains a summary or some parts that can make people curious. By doing that they will be interested in doing the click. The following steps are quite efficient, although not as significant as the organic search on YouTube,

Create a Youtuber Community

If the canal or channel that is owned is already large and has a large fan base, it is better to start knitting communication. We can give a reply to the comet box or if there is enough just like it so there is a connection.

If the video that is made is used for product campaigns with large funds, surely by posting less. Because the intention is to get a lot of reach, advertisements can be applied. We can promote our videos through Google AdSense ad service. With Google AdSense, we can be sure where the ads will be displayed, including YouTube.

# 5. Analyze Our YouTube Videos

After running the four steps above, there is still one step that is no less important, namely learning. We need to learn from all the videos that we have launched.

How do you learn about YouTube videos on your channel?

Relax, YouTube has prepared an analytics tool. Simply open YouTube Studio and then point the cursor to the left side and click Analytics. We will feel this kind of picture

There you will get data analytics for all your videos. From the number of views, watch time, number of subscribers, the reach of each video, to the engagement of each video.

The existence of that data, we can analyze what we need to improve on the work of several videos onwards. So we don’t plan on working videos based only on assumptions, and also based on data from some of the original videos.

To make it easier to do everything related to SEO Youtube optimization We can use this YouTube tool 2 Free Youtube Tools Mainstay of the Youtubers


Basically Youtube SEO depends on the originality of our videos and our routine in uploading videos. Any video that is important for routine uploads, one of the videos we upload, one of which will become viral as long as it does not violate YouTube’s provisions.