How to manage your Channel with Youtube Studio Creator

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YouTube Creator Studio: To manage a channel we can use Creator Studio on YouTube and it can also manage videos, as well as interacting with your fans. YouTube Studio Modern Beta is now the default version for YouTube creators, no longer Creator Studio classic.

The new version of Creator Studio Youtube changed the name of the classic creator to Youtube Studio Modern Although still beta is no longer integrated in the channel dashboard but separate using sub domain much easier to access Creator Studio to dodge our YouTube channel. For those who do not want to move on from the old version or creator Classic Studio YouTube still provide.

Youtube Creator Studio
Youtube Creator Studio

The change of Youtube Beta Creator Studio from the classic to the new creators Studio is quite mainstream in appearance and design for those accustomed to using the classic version will probably need waktuh to adjust.

YouTube Classic Creator Studio

In my previous article maximizing Youtube Channel, Creator Studio is a place to do everything related to the videos we upload on YouTube. From creating titles, uploading custom thumbnails that we’ve created by dragging, writing video descriptions, providing relevant tags, select categories, analytics and many more YouTube features for creators and YouTubers.

In the modern Creator Studio Youtube all you need is a creator in the form of more modren and complete view especially the Analyitics menu. The Analyitics Menu is made simple and easy to understand by beginner YouTubers.

Analytics Creator Studio YouTube Beta

Youtube Creator Studio Mobile

Youtube Studio Mobile img Playstore

YouTube also provides Youtube Studio for mobile, Android and IOS versions of YouTube Studios. Youtube Studio Mobile is the outline of the features and functions Sam nothing has changed, only display Menu-menunya just like the web version of Mobile with desktop.

We can Donwload Youtube Studio Apk directly from the YouTube Studio Playstore, being for iOS can in the App Store.

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Youtube Creator Studio
Youtube Creator Studio

Conclusion: Youtube indulges its creators with the design and functionality of the Youtube Studio or Creator Studio Youtube. 

Bua creators and YouTubers start switching to the modern Creator Studio Youtube before the classic Versik on the YouTube wipe party.