What is YPP Youtube? Learn and earn as much money as possible!

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What is YPP Youtube, from which YouTubers are earning up to millions of rupiah? One of the streets is to join YPP YouTube.

For each video content on their channel that visitors watch and like, will get rewarded from YouTube. The more and longer the video is seen, the greater the revenue.

What is ypp YouTube
YPP YouTube to earn money

If you’re interested in being a YouTuber and making money from video content, check out the article below:

Full YPP Youtube following terms


#1. Understanding what is YPP Youtube

YPP-Youtube or short for the Youtube Partner Program is one of the services provided by YouTube for the channel owner who wants to monetize or monetize the videos they upload. From YPP, the YouTubers have a source of income.

It can briefly be said that YouTube will pay for the video content that has been viewed
Or a channel that has a number of subscribers or subscribers.

There are several requirements YPP Youtube 2019 to be completed, including:

  1. Follow all Youtube Partner Program policies
  2. Residing in a region or country that provides the Youtube Partner programme
  3. Must have a time of more than 4000 hours the total time your video is watched by the public over the last 12 months
  4. Have subscribers or subscribers over 1000
  5. Must have a linked Adsense account

If the channel meets the above criteria, you can try to apply for a request
Youtube Partner Program. This policy comes into force from 2018. Policies that
Considered very strict this disadvantage is detrimental to many YouTubers, but apparently YPP YouTube
Has its own reasons:

  1. Avoiding Spammers
    Spammers are the ones who are active in the comments field of others. He often
    Commenting on other channels ‘ uploads. Generally
    Doing spammers guerrilla to leave an active link with the aim
    To be clicked by another commenver.
  2. Avoiding Impersonator
    Impersonator is someone who mimics, even steals other people’s content.
    This content will be uploaded on its own channel.
  3. Avoiding Bad Actors
    Bad Actors are lazy people to think creatively. All they do is to re-create a news or video about the artist and give the addition of the narrative. This Video is made for monetization purposes only without thinking about the quality of the content.

More details terms and conditions apply Adsense Youtube read in 5 Youtube monetization terms with Adsense

#2. The Youtube Partner Program list procedure

All channels have the same opportunity to submit themselves a list on this YouTube YPP as long as it meets the requirements set. The steps to go through are as follows:

  1. Registering your Account After confirming that the channel actually meets the specified requirements, you can start registering for the program. Previously, Youtube will ensure that you are at least 18 years old to use the payment system set by Youtube. If you find yourself under the age of 18, you should ask for help with a family or friend who is 18 years old. The allowable age requirement is at least 18 years old. In addition, you should first check the countries listed on this YouTube YPP program. There are at least 20 more countries listed, including:
    • United States
    • Malaysia
    • South Korea
    • Australia
    • American
    • Thailand
    • And so forth
  2. Enabling Youtube Channel monetization Status To enable YPP, the trick is:
    • Sign in first on your YouTube account or channel.
    • Then, select the icon and click the “Creator Studio” button
    • Select Channel menu and Status Features in the menu that appears
    • Find the Your monetization Tab
    • Click Enable
  3. Agree to the programme terms and conditions After that, you will enter into the terms and conditions menu. You have to read carefully and carefully. Learn what the Youtube terms are all about. Once you understand and approve it, click Accept.Some of the things you need to know is that you’ve agreed to follow the provisions of the YouTube community by producing good and uninfringing content. In addition, you are also not allowed to add music and photos to the original video content that you have without the permission of the original owner.
  4. Choose how monetisation monetization is the way your ads will show on your videos. There are three options that will be given by YouTube:1. Overlay In-video Ads, i.e. ads that will be shown in the form of ribbons or banners that pass through when the video is playing.2. Trueview in-stream Ads, i.e. ads appearing before the video3. Video Contain A Product Placement, which is a short ad that will be shown before the video plays
    You can choose one of the three options, but if you want to optimize your ads, you can use all three.You have the ability to select which types of ads to display on a channel for later or to show ads on specific videos only.

    Regardless of the choice, a banner ad will automatically be added by YouTube on the YouTube channel page.

  5. Click Monetize to confirm When all the above steps have been approved, click the Monetize My Videos button in the bottom left corner.
  6. The Youtube Overview process will perform a review before agreeing to your application to join. If the channel contains videos that smell SARA, sex, violence and so on, you should be vigilant because it will obviously be rejected by YouTube. Therefore, you need to really select any video you want to share to YouTube.If your channel is not approved yet, try to take a look again at the content you have. Just delete the videos that you feel are too inviting comments or videos that contain plagiarism. Youtube has an artificial intelligence system that can detect the presence of plagiarism.
  7. Pending Youtubethe approval of your YouTube account is approved to join the YPP YouTube, you will receive an approval confirmation email as a YouTube partner. Approximately 30 days from the first day of the Adsense monitization submission Youtube.Your Channel will get the Verified account predicate and the advertisements will be displayed on your videos. The longer the video is watched and the more you have subscribers, the bigger the revenue will be received.

If you’ve followed this YPP Youtube, you need to be more careful and cautious about creating a content video. Youtube is enforcing strict rules of plagiarism done by rogue channels who only want to gain profit without going to hard work creating their own content. This will cause harm to the original creators. In making content the most major thing is doing niche research and keywords please read the Keyword research with Youtube Auto Suggestions (SEO YTB)

Different case if things like this happen. Some channels create a compilation video that combines several original video files and editing them in such a way as with the addition of text, voice, song and narrative. For some consideration, this compilation video is still understandable and given a dispensation. But not with plagiarism or duplicate content.

That’s a few things about YPP YouTube that you can learn from. If you want to find out more, you can directly practice it. But before, fill your channel with quality content first. Happy creativity.

“No futile effort, man is only obliged to strive while the assigning is God”

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