8 WordPress Typography Plugins, Make Your Blog Even More Good!

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Plugin WordPress Typography: There are so many elements in web design that you must pay attention to, one of which is typography. Typography is one important element in design.

Especially for websites, where websites that are more dominant with the right text and typography will produce the right designs too.

Choosing the right font is one of the best ways to improve the quality of a website’s design to make it look more professional. 5 Plugin WordPress Invoice, Bisa Membuat Invoice Online Dengan Mudah

There are currently many free fonts that you can use (with each license). Besides fonts, you also need a plugin to easily manage fonts. Of course, the plugin must be compatible with various features.

google font for wordpress
google font for wordpress

Plugin Typography WordPress

Here are 8 of the best typographic WordPress plugins that you can try to make your WordPress site attractive for readers to see.

With some of the plugins below, you can adjust fonts such as changing color, or size, and appearance.

In addition, fonts can be managed very easily such as displaying fonts on the site, making quotes or instant quotes and tweets, disabling automatic formatting in the backend and more.

#1. Plugin WordPress Google Font Manager

As a global internet giant, Google turns out to provide a collection of fonts that you can use for free. And the font collection from Google also has a uniqueness, it can be said to be good, of course it depends on taste.

This Google Font Manager WordPress Plugin helps you choose which fonts you want to use from the existing Google Fonts collection. Plugin Seo WordPress Terbaik untuk Menaikan Pengunjung

You can search for it according to the title and can even be used for previewing, like what text on your website if you use that font. After that you can choose the font that will be used for all elements of your website.

#2. Plugin WordPress Easy Google Fonts

Plugin WordPress Easy Google Fonts
Plugin WordPress Easy Google Fonts

This WordPress typography plugin actually functions the same as Google Font Manager. Interestingly, this plugin will add options in your dashboard’s Customizer panel. where you can choose or try specific Google Fonts and can see the results in live preview, as usual when configuring the appearance of the front end website with customizers.

As for some ways to use the Google font plugin it’s easy as follows:

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After the installation process is complete and the plugin is active, you can enter the Settings »Google Font area to create controls on the Google font by entering the CSS Selector list.

But if you don’t understand this section, you can go directly to the Appearance »Customization menu and select” Typography “.

In this section, you can customize various sections with fonts from Google’s font list such as Heading 1-5, select font categories, font characteristics, and many more things that can be done with this plugin.

If all font settings have been adjusted to Google fonts in the Customization section, you can save the settings and click the “Publish” button. And now you can see the changes that have been made, in this adjustment you can see every change made directly. 5 WordPress Plugins for Photography, Do You Need?

# 3. Typekit Fonts for WordPress

If you have long been in the field of graphic design, it looks like you are familiar with Typekit.

A storehouse of cool fonts can also be integrated with your WordPress-based website. Use this plugin and specify which font you want to use. You only need to integrate the font code in the plugin panel later.

# 4. Simple Pull Quote

In certain parts of the article, you might want to enter a quote. The WordPress theme you use also has an effect. If a particular text is formatted as a quote, the text will have a different form or design than other text.

However, a regular quote will be different from a pull quote. If the WordPress theme doesn’t distinguish between regular quotes and quotation marks, you can use the WordPress Simple Pull Quote plugin to try it out while improving your website’s typography.

# 5. Zeno Font Resizer

The WordPress theme you are using might have the option to change the font size, or you can also change it manually with CSS. But the right size for you is not necessarily right for website readers.

With this WordPress typography plugin, you can make it easier for readers to change the font size of the article on the website as they wish. In addition, with a neater font in accordance with the wishes of the reader certainly makes the article on your website easier to read.

# 6. EndNotes

If the articles you write on the website have references or sources, you can use this plugin to easily add footnotes to each article that you write.

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In writing, the final note or end note is a reference note or footnote placed at the end of a scientific paper, before the Bibliography. In general, the technique for writing final notes is exactly the same as footnotes.

So, if you want to add a reference note to an article on WordPress, the EndNotes plugin is highly recommended for you to try. For installation, you can install the final notes either through the WordPress dashboard or by uploading the extracted end notes folder to the / wp-content / plugins / directory.

After the plugin is successfully installed, simply activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in your WordPress Dashboard. After the plugin is activated, visit the Settings page to adjust the appearance of your footnotes.

# 7. TinyMCE Advanced WordPress Plugin

When writing a new article on WordPress, you may already be very familiar with TinyMCE. To add features or make it easier to set available options, you can use this plugin. Plugins Check WordPress Postage For Your Online Store

The TinyMCE plugin is used to add the TinyMCE WYSIWYG editor to the project. What is WYSIWYG? WYSIWYG is short for What You See Is What You Get more or less means what is seen now, will be the same as the results that will be displayed in the final results.

For how to install, it is recommended to install directly from WordPress. If a manual installation is needed, make sure the plugin file is in a folder called “tinymce-advanced” (not two nested folders) in the WordPress plugins folder, usually “wp-content / plugins”.

# 8. Subtitles

Just as the name suggests, this WordPress plugin can be used to add new subtitles under the title of your article. Need to be used if you want to provide a brief description of what is discussed in the article. In addition, it can be placed directly inside a WordPress template.

As for some ways to install the subtitle plugin as follows:

  • Upload the WP Subtitle plugin to your WordPress site in the / wp-content / folder
  • plugins or install via the WordPress admin.
  • Activate it from the WordPress plugin admin screen.
  • Edit your page and use it <? Php the_subtitle (); ?> tag template where you want the translated text to appear.

Conclusion: if you use a premium theme that is good for fonts, you can directly customize it from the wordpress theme dashboard, as in this blog use the WordPress newspaper tagdiv theme. So No need for additional plugins.