6 Tips Successful Social Enterprise

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Tips for successful establishing Social Enterprise, after discussing definitions and differences with conventional business, less complete if I did not discuss the tips to build a social enterprise of friends.

If you want to open a business, but with the idea of an anti-mainstream business, perhaps this business model can be the answer. Especially for you millennials who are famous for being creative and innovative.

The reason is not only to find profit, social companies always pay attention to social factors in the idea of business that run.

Social Enterprise
Social Enterprise

6 Tips to establish successful Social Enterprise

Most of the results will also be allocated for activities such as charity, job training or public health services.

So, besides being able to support yourself, you will get abundant bonus rewards for helping the lives of many people.

If you are determined to try, you should pay attention to five tips for establishing a social company, as quoted from businessNewsDaily:

1. Knowing the social problems that occur in the environment, knowing the social problems that occur in the environment is one of the tips for establishing a social company

In establishing a social enterprise, one of the conditions that must be met is the presence of social problems that occur in the community.

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Of the many problems that occur, you have to find people who want to be a business driver.

One example, the problem of women empowerment in Indonesia is very minimal. To overcome this, you can empower women to produce something that has value such as making bags made of woven.

Not only a problem empowering women, you can also contribute to reducing unemployment in Indonesia.

2. Do market research, doing market research is one of the tips for establishing a social company

While business models differ from conventional businesses, social companies also need to do market research before running them.

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This is useful to prevent major losses in the future due to less developed planning. The business name of profit is still a top priority to cover operational costs and social activities.

3. Learn to help others, learn to help others tips on how to set up a social company

One of the goals of setting up a social company is to help the environment, so you should be accustomed to helping others.

Many people sometimes give help just by transferring money to a particular institution or institution. The reason is, they do not know how to help directly.

In a social company, you should be able to go straight to the field to get closer to the people who are assisted. That way, the impact will be much more pronounced for you and others.

4. Listen to suggestions and criticisms, listen to suggestions and criticisms one of the tips for establishing Social Enterprise

When you run a social company, listening to advice and criticism from different parties is a must-note.

The goal is to improve the quality of businesses that certainly have shortcomings in some sectors. If you regularly evaluate it, you can be confident your business will grow further in the future.

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Many cases where business owners do not want to hear complaints from customers and should end the business tragically. Don’t let such things happen to you yes!

5. Prioritize the interests of others, not businesses, prioritize the interests of others, not businesses, one of the tips for establishing a social company

The last important thing you notice in building a social enterprise is to prioritize the interests of others rather than the benefits of the business itself.

This is the most important differentiator point of the social enterprise business model and the company in general.

No need to be afraid because you have no capital to finance a substantial marketing money.

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Directly or indirectly proclaimed social activities of any given period will be an effective marketing tool to be introduced brand made.

6. Be consistent and remain optimistic, consistent and optimistic remains one of the other tips for establishing a social company

Initially it was difficult to undergo a social company because the market was still relatively small compared to other types of businesses. In addition, learning about it is a little difficult because the source of the learning is still small.

However, it does not mean you will fail. It’s just that it takes a lot more consistency and optimism. That is what distinguishes between successful people and people who have not succeeded.

That’s 6 tips for setting up a social company that you should take note of. Although not a guarantee of success, paying attention to the above can help you run it more smoothly. Good luck