3 Tips to Establish a successful Startup company with JNE

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Tips to establish a successful Startup company with JNE, aspire to enter the business world and set up a technology-based starting company? How not, this business is considered promising enough in the future. Especially for millennials.

But, don’t get me wrong you know, not a few of these startups also fail in the middle of the road. Instead of being successful and earning funds, they even lack operational costs.

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From the MoneySmart website, Djohari Zein president Commissioner of PT Tiki line Nugraha Ekakurir (JNE), who is now busy in the world began.

Tips to establish a successful Startup company

Djohari, who founded the venture capital company called Global Basket Mulia Investama (GBMI), describes some effective tips for you who intend to set up a company to start earning investors. Of course the investor is from GBMI.

You want to know how? Furthermore, the summary:

#1. Our idea should be a solution

Start a company
Djohari Zein, president Commissioner of PT JNE provides tips to establish a startup company (MoneySmart/Okky Budi)

Firstly, of course as a personal founder we must have an idea first. If there is no idea, it will certainly be difficult for you to decide what business you want to start later.

However, business ideas should also be a solution for the whole community. Essentially, we want to reach whenever we really can’t provide a solution so our products won’t sell.

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When Djohari Zein wanted to establish JNE, he proposed a business idea to the late Soeprapto Suparno. Djohari who has worked at the logistic company TNT offers Soeprapto to establish a logistics company that can send overseas.

This business idea can of course make the company that is under the auspices of TIKI to host in its own country.

#2. Must be a trusted person

Company Starttup
Djohari Zein, president commissioner of PT JNE gave tips to set up startup company, Photo: MoneySmart 

Building a company started is not the same as establishing a grocery store. And, its business is not like selling on line in e-commerce place too.

Business in the field of technology is full of things that are on line. But the complexity is similar to offline business. Especially when it comes to funding.

“We must be accustomed to having a trustworthy character, so our ideas can be notified to investors who have funds and do not have an idea.,” said Djohari Zein.

“Now with a” trusted “idea, the capital flows by itself. So it can be executed into business, “he went on.

When investors are confident with your idea, the capital problem is not difficult.

#3. Don’t focus on the product

Start a company
Djohari Zein, president Commissioner of PT JNE provides tips to establish a startup company (MoneySmart/Okky Budi)

Building a startup company will take a lot of your time. And believe me, you can not if you just focus on the product.

There are so many bad things that founders should be taken care of. Natural please, you are the founder of the company.

“Do not concentrate only on the product, other aspects should be considered, such as law (tax), tax (tax), and human Resources (trust),” he added.

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In this case, Djohari also reveals, GBMI is indeed very open to help startup deal with the problem. Naturally, this capital company was established directly by the founders of JNE who are experienced in this regard.

However, of course, GBMI will not determine randomly starting funded. Just make sure, before you progress, the product is from a start-you should be a community solution.

That is the three keys to building a successful startup technology based company and how to get investors. Although these three things are not easy to implement, it should be attempted if you want to successfully set up a startup company.

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