How To Verify Instagram To Get Blue Checks

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Instagram Account Verification – Lately a lot of people who want to have an Instagram account have a blue check mark . And indeed Instagram accounts with blue checks are cooler and more professional.

But Instagram itself does not explain in detail about how to get a blue check on Instagram. In general, blue checks are verified accounts if the ig user requests verification by completing certain requirements.

It’s not easy to get a blue check yourself, you can say it’s very difficult. Do you want to know how to get a blue check on Instagram ? Please refer to the explanation below.


How to Get Blue Checks on Instagram Easily

The following are the methods provided by Instagram, but it doesn’t have to be that everyone can receive a blue check, Instagram itself does not determine the account that is accepted. But if you want to know the way, then just pay attention to the way below.

First of all, just open your Instagram application and don’t forget to log in to your account too.

After that when on the homepage, click in the lower right corner or the profile section. Then click row three in the upper right corner. After that, just click Settings.
At this point, please select the Account section.

Next, just select Request Verification.

Please fill in the verification form. Also, don’t forget to attach your photo ID or ID card. Remember photos clearly and not blurry so that they are more easily accepted by ig.

If you have sent a request for verification, you will not be able to immediately get a blue check. There are several conditions that you must pass, want to know the conditions of your Instagram account so it is easy to receive blue checks? Look at the conditions below.

Provisions on How to Get Blue Checks / Checks on Instagram

Instagram Celebrity Artists Check Blue
Melly and Rosa are one of the Instagram celebrity artist users who have blue ticked

# 1. Artist or Celebrity

One of the requirements so you can get a blue check on Instagram is that you are an artist or celebrity. Because the artist has a lot of fans, of course Instagram accounts also need to be verified, this is to avoid lies or fake things. So here the blue checking function is very important so that the name of the artist is not misused.

Athletes of Instagram users
Alisa Manyonok is a volleyball athlete on Instagram

# 2. Olaraga Athlete

Besides artists, athletes or artists also have a great opportunity so that later they can get a blue check logo on Instagram. Now for this, you must really be a famous athlete or famous artist that many people know you all.

Well, this blue tick serves as a form of protection for the good name of the athlete or artist. Remember that Instagram accounts can be created easily and people are free to give names.

Public figure
President Jokowi and YouTuber World Casie

# 3. How to Get Blue Checks on Instagram – Community Figure

In addition, Instagram accounts that can get a blue check on Instagram are community leaders. For example, presidents, mayors, experts, ministers, governors, politicians and many more. Once again, its function is to protect their names and protect against forgery or deception on their behalf. Therefore the blue check is very important.

famous brand Instagram account
famous brand Instagram account

# 4. Famous Brand Products

Now here is a blue check on famous products so consumers are more confident that the account is not a fraudulent account. So if your product is already famous and is reached by many people, just try to get a blue check so that consumers will increasingly trust and not run away.

Hijaber CelebGram
Hijaber CelebGram

# 5. Hit Accounts on Instagram or Popular Intagram Accounts

One of the last requirements on Instagram to get this blue check verification logo is to have an account on Instagram. Now this is a bit difficult, it seems like you have to have millions of followers or ig followers, which is easy