8 Ways to Become a Youtuber for Beginners to Make Money

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How to Become a Youtuber for Beginners , Today, the term YouTuber increasingly popular. Unexpectedly, this field is able to produce coffers of money with very good results.It can even make someone rich.

Maybe you’ve heard of famous YouTubers like Atta Halilintar, Ria Ricis or Raditya Dika. Even though they are not public figures with certain artistic skills, they are able to become millionaires only with the capital of your professional profession. Actually, how do you become a YouTuber and make money from the internet?

Tips and Tricks to Become a Youtuber to Make Money from the Internet

YouTuber is someone who dedicates himself to creating video content and uploading it to Youtube. The videos they created are trending topics and are watched by millions of YouTube users. Youtube provides various sources of income that can be maximized to make money. There are YouTubers who can even generate billions of rupiah each month.

Actually, how to become a YouTuber so that making money is easy to learn. The following are some tips that you can follow if you want to follow in the footsteps of people who have succeeded in the world of this creative profession. Among others are :

# 1. Create a Youtube Channel

You have to create a channel on YouTube. This channel is like a television station. You will make a video then upload it on this channel. The steps to create a youtube channel are:

  1. Enter the YouTube site
  2. If you have never logged in, select the Sign In button
  3. Sign in using the Gmail account you have
  4. If you can log in to YouTube, click on the profile icon at the top right and select the settings menu
  5. Make a new channel
  6. Enter a channel name in the field provided. Make a channel name that is easy to remember and interesting.
  7. After creating a channel name, you can set the display menu to the one on the customize channel button.
  8. Then add a profile photo and tie up a brief description of yourself and the type of content you want to bring
  9. When it’s finished, your channel is ready to use

In addition to this blog I have also written a guide to making channels and SEO

# 2. Define Your Content Ideas and Concepts

The ideas and concepts referred to here are about what content you want to bring. How to become a successful YouTuber is to choose a theme or idea that is currently popular and of course you also like the theme. Do not choose a theme beyond your ability such as creating song cover content but you do not have a good voice or do not have the expertise to play a musical instrument.

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It would be better if you really like the theme of the channel that you want to elaborate on.Like for example if you like cooking, you can create content about how to cook special foods of certain regions, and so on. If you choose the wrong content concept that is applied, it is not impossible that you will feel lazy to fill your YouTube channel.

To find the concepts and ideas for creating content you need to do research, for beginner YouTube You do Keyword Research with Youtube Auto Suggestions (SEO YTB) .

# 3. Complete the Requirements for Creating Content

Being a YouTuber is arguably quite promising. Almost every day people visit YouTube to see a certain video or just surfing. Therefore, if you really want to explore it you should equip your weaponry with equipment as complex as possible.

Ranging from cameras, tripods, laptops, lighting, recording devices and so forth. All these tools will help you make a high quality video content.

# 4. Create Creative Content

Being in the world of YouTuber , you are required to be creative. Don’t just imitate a booming or famous YouTuber. If you do, it could be that you will only be mocked. It’s better if you have your own creative content that is unique, interesting and certainly with original ideas.

YouTube content has no restrictions. As long as you don’t violate the laws and norms that apply in society, you can create a creative content that produces, in other words, making an out of the box content is a way to become a successful YouTuber.

# 5. Deepen Video Editing Ability

The ability to edit videos is one of the skills that you must have. You can’t upload original files or raw recordings to YouTube right? Surely you will do editing, cutting, adding text, filters and other editing activities, before then uploading the results to your YouTube channel.

For beginner YouTubers, you might be able to learn how to edit in an application by self-taught. But if the instructions or guidelines are unclear, you can ask a friend who has mastered it. So, make sure you have qualified editing skills so that the results of your video are more interesting.

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Please use the video editor that you master the following video editor recommendations for YouTube: 6 Video Editor Application for YouTube, Suitable for Beginner YouTube

# 6. Make Money From Youtube

How do you make money from your YouTube account or channel? There are so many ways to become a YouTube YouTube payer. Among others are :

Google Adsense , which is a service from Google that is specifically for making money.Someone must meet the conditions made by Google such as the number of hours of airtime and the number of subscribers.

Affiliate Marketing, which is working with an e-commerce in the hope that your visitors will also visit an e-commerce account that is linked to your content.

Sponsorship , which is getting a sponsor who will pay for the products they offer.

Selling products , this method is the most effective way because you can directly take from the profits from the sale.

# 7. Learn and Collaborate with Other YouTubers

The way to become a YouTuber to make money is not merely to create content and keep publishing it. Occasionally you have to collaborate with other YouTubers to create a shared content.

In this way, subscribers owned by your YouTube partner might also be able to subscribe to your channel. The more you collaborate with many other YouTubers, the greater you can get subscribe.

# 8. Make up your mind and not easily give up

Any profession if carried out diligently and never give up will surely give sweet results.Maybe at first it was considered difficult, although in writing it is very easy to arrange how to become a YouTuber to earn a lot of money, but it’s not necessarily the reality of saying that.

What you have to believe is that your initial goal in creating a YouTube account is to be able to make money. So always stick to that goal. Promote on other social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and so on so that your YouTube channel is better known to people.


Those are some ways to become a Youtuber for beginners. This profession is very interesting to many parties because there are many successful Youtubers with fantastic income. A YouTuber who has millions of customers can even pocket tens of millions every month. This value even exceeds the income of a manager though. How much is the salary of an Indonesian YouTuber: 7 of Indonesia’s richest YouTubers, one of them children

Really tempting isn’t it?