10 Plus the Popular and Most Popular Youtube Niche

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Popular Youtube Niche , On this blog fanpage in the comments column there is still confusion looking for a theme or niche for its YouTube channel. In this tutorial I will give a popular and most watched niche on YouTube.

Make sure you have read the articles on this blog about building a YouTube channel and becoming a successful YouTuber .

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Niche Youtube Populer

Building a YouTube channel with a specific theme or niche will have a great chance of being successful, because the YouTube algorithm will provide videos that are relevant to what people are watching on YouTube.

We can choose a theme or niche for the YouTube channel, I suggest adjusting it to our hobbies or that we like so that we can create content continuously.

Youtube Niche that is Popular and Lots of People Watch

Niche can be interpreted as a theme in creating content or can also be a category, the choice of category in uploading on YouTube will greatly affect the visitors of our Video and Subscriber channels.

Here are 10 more popular YouTube video themes and categories:

# 1. Education

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The theme of education is the most watched theme or category on YouTube. YouTuber Indonesia is still a little in creating educational content, but that does not mean there is none.

The channel can be my favorite, because it is very educative and inspires the audience. Especially for the audience of children will be very useful in adding knowledge.

And there are many more educational contents available on YouTube, even though they aren’t made as seriously as channels can.

You can start by becoming an educational content creator on YouTube, so that more positive and educational content.

The theme of education is very suitable for teachers and teachers as well as learning media in schools.

# 2. Traveler, Picnic or Travel

The next favorite theme is traveler, the theme of a picnic trip will always attract YouTube viewers. This Travel theme might be suitable for Vloggers who like to travel, especially if traveling abroad he he he.

YouTube channel with the topic Travel will definitely be very easily liked by viewers and even viewers from abroad also like.

If you are a hobby picnic or mountain climbing you can start making short videos that are interesting and entertaining, like.

Record a video of the trip from the start departing with relatives kel lokasia tour.
Video reviews or vlogs about the beauty of the tours you visit, interactions with other visitors at the tourist sites.
Take videos of the beauty of Indonesia’s tourist locations that you visit
We can also make video tips on travel saving, travel safety etc.
Hotel reviews or lodgings where you stay, this can also be used to find discounts.
The videos that you make will be useful for people who will visit the tourist location that you review.

# 3. Animals and Pets

We may have watched a video of cats or dogs on YouTube, a cute and cute puppy can get millions of views.

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If this theme is most suitable for pet hobbyists, what isn’t a hobby to keep animals? It is okay, but it sure won’t last long in creating content because Boring will be faster.

You can visit the PETCO youtube channel to be a reference in creating animal video content.

# 4. Sports

Olaraga-themed videos still have their own appeal because many fans of certain types of olaraga. as:


However, if you create sports-themed video content, it will be difficult to compete with large channels holding ID or patent content.

Not that you can’t create a sports theme, for certain sports hobbyists you can still start creating different content with big channels.

You can start by reviewing sports that you enjoy, sharing tips on sports, tutorials, etc.

# 5. Automotive

This automotive theme has huge audience potential, as well as the sports theme. Big channels that dominate it.

If you are an automotive hobbyist, you can still make videos with this theme, by starting to make a video review of automotive products that you have.

# 6. Tutorial

The topic of the tutorial or how-to is considered as a topic that is easily accepted by the community because it will solve the problems – problems that are commonly faced by people in their daily lives.

If you choose a tutorial topic, you must choose a sub topic or topic so that your YouTube channel is more specific, some topics that come from the YouTube channel Tutorial include:

How to cook
Hijab Tutorial
Decoration Tutorial
Tech Tutorial (how to use the application or review)

You can start making video tutorials that solve the problems of everyday life that are most sought after by the public, for example how to open a site that is blocked by the positive internet, is a problem that is very much experienced by people in Indonesia.

# 7. The game

Now this theme is at this time, there are many game hobbyists who use YouTube to get income from their hobbies. Call it gamers who are in trouble with communication and information because of its vulgar content, Kimi Hime.

On another occasion, I will thoroughly discuss Youtuber Gaming and from anywhere he gets income other than Google Adsense Youtube

YouTube game channels in Indonesia are very numerous, they are racing to continue to grow and attract many viewers.

# 8. Political News

If this is more TV channels, news and politics are dominated by television companies such as Kompas, Net and Metro TV, CNN, Trans etc.

# 9. Entertainment

Youtube is an alternative entertainment site, of course people have their own criteria in making YouTube an entertainment.

This theme of entertainment is more general less specific, you can make entertainment content in making content in accordance with the theme that you have chosen to create a channel on YouTube.

# 10. Film

YouTube channels with film topics usually post video footage of certain films or cut scenes from popular films.

We will not be able to compete if we want to make a movie with a movie theme, even when reviewing a film, sometimes it is also violated by ID content.

# 11. Comedy

We can use this comedy category as an accent in our videos, or indeed we will really make a comedy-themed video.

You can see the TV Wagu channel which is now being Viral with a unique and funny and strange figure, Pak Ndul Wagu Tv

The most popular comedy youtube channels in Indonesia are Standup Comedy youtube channels and kang Sule’s youtube channel.

# 12. Music

Almost everyone likes music, for this theme more dominated by singer artists who get funds from the music label.

Manji or Nathan’s World Channel might be your reference for making music videos for the YouTube channel.

If you have the ability to sing or play an instrument, why not try to create a music-themed channel.

Start by covering popular songs like Anindiya did, and now she is famous.

Conclusion: Start creating content from what you are passionate about, use the tools that you currently have. Upload regularly on Youtube or Facebook.

Good luck.

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